Microsoft Once Again Mocks Apple and Its Products [Video]

Microsoft earlier today released a new ad, where it compared the Lenovo Yoga 3 convertible laptop with Apple's MacBook Air. The commercial is entitled "Let's Dance" and it offers us a closer side-by-side look at both devices. If you have time and mood, you may watch the short video below.

Microsoft today launched a new ad targeting the MacBook Air and comparing the notebook to Lenovo's Yoga 3 Pro convertible laptop. The latest spot, which is titled "Let's Dance", features both laptops side-by-side and highlights the differences between the form and functionality of both.

In the ad, both functional and design aspects of the laptops are compared. The guys from Redmond highlight the thickness of the new Yoga convertible, which is only 13mm. Apple's MacBook, by the way, is 17mm thick. Moreover, the creators of the ad point out that Lenovo's laptop can be folded back, while MacBook can't. Finally, our attention is paid to the touch screen of the Lenovo Yoga 3. Well, nothing unusual here; it's a typical ad created by Microsoft, which shows all the possible weak points of the rival product.

What do you think about the new commercial? I'm waiting your comments below.

[via MacRumors]

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Monday, November 3, 2014. 21:12

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