New Lumia Ad Mocks iPhone 5 Camera

This day can be called the day of ads since such tech giants as Apple (see the article below) and Nokia released new ads. And if the company from Cupertino simply advertises its FaceTime app, the guys from Finland mock the iPhone 5 camera and compare it to the Nokia Lumia 925’s photo sensor.

This is probably the Microsoft influence as this company is known for comparing Windows 8 tablets with iPad. However, the advertisers have made an enormous mistake making this short clip. You’ve probably already watched the video, so you heard the very first sentence:

Every day, more photos are taken on the iPhone than on any other phone.

And that’s it - half of the users won’t watch the rest of the video, though it really shows that the Nokia’s Pureview technology works perfect and makes the photos you take both with and without flash look just awesome. Why waste time on watching the ad if Apple's still on the leading position?

There’s another strange thing about this ad I don’t get. If the company creates a decent high-end product - why compare it to the iPhone? Who had made this device a standard, a kind of ideal example to follow and copy? It is still a question to answer.

Anyway, all the stuff mentioned above is surprisingly good for... Apple. Nokia made everyone talk about the iPhone 5. Again.

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Written by Andrey

Tuesday, August 6, 2013. 23:44

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