Apple-developed PastryKit WebApp Framework


It seems Apple is continuing to invest in advancing web-based technologies to provide a more full feature experienced on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Daring Fireball describes in detail an impressive new web framework called PastryKit. This kit is for making HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based WebApps.
It is already deployed in Apple's iPhone User Guide web page (when viewed from an iPhone). You can watch the video at hte end of this post.

Apple has implemented a few key interface features in Javascript that could make web-apps feel much more like native iPhone apps. These include:

  • Completely hiding the address bar
  • Allowing for fixed-position toolbars that don't move when you scroll
  • Allows for scrolling with momentum so you can quickly scroll long lists

Since these features have been implemented by Apple in Javascript, they could be available to any web developer.

Let's watch the video:

More info about PastryKit on daringfireball.net.

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