webOS Runs On iPad 2 Twice As Fast As On The TouchPad

hp_touchpad_and_apple_ipadThe Next Web reports that Hewlett-Packard engineers have tested webOS on iPad and to their dismay they found out that webOS runs on Apple’s hardware more than twice as fast as on the TouchPad hardware.

It should be noted that TouchPad runs on single core Qualcomm ARM processors, but iPad 2 runs on Samsung’s dual core silicon processors.

The future of the webOS is yet unsettled, and while some have speculated that it can be acquired by Amazon, other have suggested that it is better for HP to sell off the patents regarding the webOS and earn the profit relative to the acquisition price for Palm.

Also the report writes that the hardware for TouchPad had generally designed when HP bought Palm in April, 2010. And engineers had to make webOS to run on existing hardware. Reportedly the TouchPad hardware imposed constraints on innovation ability of the team that ultimately led to the bad sales of the tablet.

In a separate report, TNW writes that all employees at HP found out about the termination of TouchPad and Pre hardware from the press release. Only the top executive know about shuttering of hardware, and even Ari Jaaksi, the Vice President of webOS department found out about termination only when it occurred. After the press release came out, HP called a company wide meeting in which the staff were informed that they would be in limbo for about 3-4 weeks.

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