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CoughMultitasking: The first video demonstration

Here's the first video preview of CoughMultitasking, the application from Steven Througton-Smith that will allow us to switch between different applications, leveraging the multitasking.

The application is only in early stages of development, but we already see 4 thumbnails per page and multiple pages.


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Wednesday, October 21st, 2009. 18:17

Multitasking CoverFlow Dock: A New Concept Video from Ocean Observation

Ocean Observation, the author of SpringBoard Exposé, created a new concept video that shows a special dock for iPhone. This dock is able to keep multiple applications open simultaneously and switch quickly from one to another:

A nice example of how multitasking can be implemented. What do you think?

via ispazio


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iPhone 3GS Stress Test: multitasking [Video]


In order to understand the true power of the new iPhone 3GS let's do some tests on the new Apple device using the Backgrounder. You have about 150MB of RAM free, so you can open several applications and games at the same time and get good results. Here's the list:


  • Weathereye
  • Random Facts
  • Chalky
  • Google Apps
  • Phone
  • Mail


  • Assassin's Creed
  • Metal Gear Solid Touch
  • Real Racing

Games listed above are among those that require a lot of resources. However, the device continued to function without major delays. Here is a video demonstration:

Here is another related video:

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iPhone OS 3.0 rumors by Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, shared his thoiughts about upcoming iPhone OS 3.0. The breakdown of unconfirmed rumors:

  • cut and paste in 3.0
  • no video recording
  • no MMS
  • no multitasking
  • all Palm Pre functionaliity will be added (contradics with previous statement)

The cut and paste functionality will be:

  • Users magnify or double tap a word to bring up cut and paste
  • Pinch "boundaries" to select word(s); Rose called them "copy boundaries"
  • Then you get option to cut, paste or copy

Watch the video:


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