25 Reasons Why iPhone 5S Is Better Than Galaxy S5 - [Video]

A new interesting video has been recently posted on YouTube, which is called “25 Reasons the iPhone 5s is Better Than the Galaxy S5”. It shows us why Apple’s iPhone is better that the South Korean handset. The video was created by PhoneBuff. What is interesting is that the video was posted to same YouTube channel, where you can watch a video called “25 Reasons the Galaxy S5 is Better Than the iPhone 5s”. Both clips are available below.

And here’re the reasons why you should purchase the iPhone, not the Galaxy S5:

  1. Premium look and feel
  2. Smaller, thinner, lighter
  3. App Store
  4. Access to Apple's and Google's apps
  5. No carrierware
  6. Privacy settings for apps
  7. Scroll to Top via Status Bar
  8. Guided Access
  9. Better fingerprint scanner
  10. Faster software updates
  11. Raise phone to ear for Siri
  12. Bluetooth battery indicator
  13. Reversible lightning connector
  14. Resizing of media sent via email
  15. Resale value
  16. Lays down flat
  17. Speak selection
  18. Large selection of accessories
  19. Dedicated vibrate switch
  20. Faster (A7 chip)
  21. Dual-LED flash
  22. Better burst shot
  23. 720p slow motion
  24. Three microphones
  25. Louder, better quality sound

What do you think about the videos? Leave your comments below.

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