Apple Launched Internal App In Apple Stores To Further Improve Customer Experience


Last week The New York Times reported on Apple's retail store software that helps employees timely respond to customer assistance requests. This internal app shows the in-store location of customers who requested assistance to employees on their iPod touches. Customers can inform employees that they need their assistance by touching a button on iPads which are mounted on the sales floor next to products and display information and purchases option. Employees’ iPods receive requests and show customer location in red. Apple Store’s employee Diego Aguirre said:

«This feature allows shoppers to ask for assistance when they feel comfortable doing so, unlike in other retail stores where customers are hounded by employees eager to make a sale».

“It’s more toward customer experience. We don’t want to feel like we’re hassling our customers to shop. We want them to feel at home.”

Also the internal app receives notifications from the Apple Store app on customers’ iPhones when they arrive in a shop to pick up their online orders. This allows employees to easily find a customer and bring over her order.

Thus far only a tiny portion of Apple Store’s customers have taken advantage of these app but reportedly Apple expects that eventually a majority of its customers will use such services as self-checkout and in-store pickup.

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