Foxconn's Servers Hacked, Exposing Vendor Usernames and Passwords


Swagg Security hacking group announced this week that they managed to hack Foxconn servers that expose usernames and passwords for clients and employees. Such information could be used to place fraudulent orders for companies like Apple and Microsoft.

Swagg Security alleged that it had bypassed Foxconn's firewall "almost flawlessly." Using several hacking techniques and a couple of days time, the hackers reportedly dumped "most of everything of significance," including usernames and passwords. According to the group, the leaked passwords "could allow individuals to make fraudulent orders under big companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, and Dell."

9to5Mac was able to "verify these logins worked", though Foxconn administrators eventually took down services.foxconn.com, the hacking group noted on Twitter late Wednesday, quipping that one too many orders had been placed. The original exploit was reportedly through an unpatched Internet Explorer vulnerability from a worker inside Foxconn.

Foxconn is the manufacturing partner for Apple and dozens of other major U.S. companies. Apple's relationship with Foxconn has been under fire recently for the working conditions in their factories. Foxconn has been under scrutiny as of late after reports from The New York Times and CNN claimed the company is committing labor abuses against its workers.

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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Thursday, February 9, 2012. 20:48

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