Here's How to Destroy Your iPhone 6 Using Molten Aluminum [Video]

A new video showing a rather creative way to destroy a brand new iPhone 6 has recently appeared on the Internet. Unlike other clips found on YouTube showing the smartphone smashed by a hammer, or boiled in Coca-Cola, or shot with a rifle, this one gives us a closer look at what happens when you pour molten aluminum over the device. The video is available below, so you may take a look at it right now.

Using a mini furnace I melted some soda cans and poured a few drops of the hot liquid onto the beautiful device. Enjoy!

In a three-minute video one may see a fully-functional iPhone 6 destroyed with the help of hot molten aluminum. Three massive aluminum drops kill the screen of the device and then the author of the video heats the back panel of the iPhone to make sure it won’t ever be repaired.

If you are interested in the clips showing how to destroy modern gadgets in an unusual way, you should check out the TechRax channel on YouTube. However, I suggest that you should not repeat the experiments you see at home.

You know, every time I watch such videos I think about the number of iPhones smashed, burned and blown up just for us to see what happens. Am I the only one who cares about these things?

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Written by Andrey

Sunday, February 8, 2015. 20:30

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