Here's Why You Shouldn't Boil Your iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola - Video

A new strange video related to Apple’s iPhone 6 has recently appeared on YouTube. In a five-minute clip we can see a guy, who takes a brand new iPhone 6 and boils it in Coca-Cola. Well, I’ve seen a lot of strange people doing insane things, but I haven’t ever expected that anyone would boil a smartphone in Cola and film that.

The video has been posted to YouTube by a user nicknamed TechRax. It is available below, take a look and tell me what you think about it. I’m also interested in your opinion about the guy that performs this so-called “boil test”.

As to the clip itself, it shows us what happens when you put an iPhone into boiling Cola. Naturally, all the chips and other interior parts collapse within few minutes. The aluminum chassis, home button and volume rockers, however, get much less damage.

Here’s the description of the video found on YouTube:

I decided to drop a brand new iPhone 6 in some boiling Coca-Cola. The results made my house smell like smoke for 2 hours. I would NOT recommend trying this at home! Enjoy the test!

Today’s iPhone 6 durability test is probably one of the strangest I’ve ever seen. It proves that boiling a smartphone in Coca-Cola is not a good idea.

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Written by Andrey

Sunday, December 21, 2014. 18:15

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