iFixit Team Tears Down Long-Awaited Apple Watch

No earlier than yesterday experts from iFixit posted the results of disassembling the new Apple Watch on their official website. As we reported the day before, Apple started sending messages saying that the long-awaited gadgets had been successfully shipped to lucky ones, who managed to pre-order them. It took only a few hours for experts from iFixit to completely disassemble the device and post the detailed report to the official site.

When looking inside the Apple Watch, it is hard not to notice the Taptic Engine much vaunted by the guys from Cupertino. What also strikes the eyes is the battery, which occupies almost a half of the entire device. The capacity of the Apple Watch battery is only 205 mAh, which is much less than its closest Android rivals: Samsung Gear S (300 mAh), Moto 360 (320 mAh) and LG G Watch R (410 mAh).

In addition to the expected items, enthusiasts have discovered a lot of interesting and mysterious ones.For example, when disconnecting the strap from body of the watch they found a "secret door" which they only managed to open by pushing from the inside. What is it? Is it a notorious watch diagnostic port? It's a secret.. for now.In the process of "dissecting" the Apple Watch, iFixit faced with the rare Pentalobe screws. In order to get rid of those, they even had to modify their screwdriver, as it was too big. The experts have also found the S1 module, look at that, alas, failed.

Having carefully studied the structure of the Apple Watch, iFixit awarded the wrist computer 5 out of possible 10 points for "Repairability".

Follow the link to get acquainted with the report on the results of "autopsy" of the Apple Watch.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015. 0:54

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