iOS Global Usage Falls - Analysts

According to the latest figures from a research firm Net Applications, the global usage of Apple’s iOS as an operating system has fallen behind Android. Well, of course, the market in terms of the so-called install base has been for months or even years led by Google’s mobile operating system, but this is probably the first time when the guys from Cupertino lost the competitive struggle in terms of the actual user base.

These “system share” figures are grabbed by way of monitoring the huge amount of traffic going across Net Applications’ network. Specifically, in the month of July, iOS saw a drop from 45.61% of traffic to 44.19%. Android, meanwhile, jumped just as much from 43.75% to 44.62%. Interestingly, Windows Phone saw a decent jump this Summer from just under 1% in April to 2.49% last month.

It should be noted that the iOS position in the global usage rating may improve greatly in the next months. As you probably know, in the third and fourth quarter of 2014, Apple is expected to release its next-generation iPhone, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display.

[via 9to5Mac]

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