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One of the First iPhone 5s Graphics Benchmarks Shows Significant Improvements

According to MacRumors, there’re already some graphics benchmark results for the iPhone 5s on the Internet and I must admit they’re really impressive. Looks like the company from Cupertino did a good job and made the new device incredibly efficient.

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Written by Andrey

Thursday, September 12th, 2013. 23:18

Apple to launch new iPad in Brazil, 29 other countries this weekend


Portuguese-language website G1 discovered that Apple announced the May 11 launch on its official Brazilian iPad page. Apple's new iPad will launch in a total of 30 new countries this weekend, with the largest among them Brazil. Most launches will occur this Friday, May 11, but a handful more in the Middle East will have a launch this Saturday, May 12.

Apple's assembly partner Foxconn recently began manufacturing devices in Brazil, and has opened plants intended for iPhone and iPad production there. Apple began selling iPhone 4 units built in Brazil in their home country in February, but thus far, production has been limited to the 8-gigabyte handset model, model number "MD198BR/A," and has not extended to version of the latest-model iPhone 4S.

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What country does your iPhone belong to?


You can determine the country by iPhone Model Number. Here is the list of country codes used by Apple devices.

MB123XX/A or MC123XX/A is the device code and XX is the regional identifier (or however it is called). This code you can find in this list:

  • AB Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
  • B Ireland, UK, also used for some replacement phones
  • C Canada
  • CZ Czech Republic
  • DN Austria, Germany, Netherlands
  • E Mexico
  • EE Estonia
  • FB France, Luxembourg
  • FD Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

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Written by admin

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012. 17:02

Unlock utility Ultrasn0w updated to version 0.92


Today DevTeam released an ultrasn0w update that fixes a bug for those who run it on firmware 3.1 and 3.1.2 with the 04.26 baseband. This bug was about a missing carrier name in the upper left-hand corner of your home screen. The update is avaliable in Cydia (repository http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com).

We remind you, that ultrasn0w 0.92 doesn't work with baseband 05.11.07!

[Update]: if your 3G or EDGE connection isn't working try manually clearing and re-entering your APN.

[Update 2]: Carrier logo fix confirmed (by order of tweet):
USA, Thailand, Austria, Trinidad, Germany, China, Kuwait, Serbia, Poland, France, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Ireland, UK, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, Malaysia, Hungary,The Netherlands, Bahamas, Jamaica, India,
Israel, Belgium, Canada, Portugal, Denmark, Costa Rica, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, UAE.


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