Investors Want Nintendo To Develop Titles for iOS Devices


According to Bloomberg’s report, Nintendo’s investors are urging the company to produce titles for iOS devices. Alternatively, Tokyo-based Stats Investment Management Co considers that Nintendo should try to either develop something absolutely new or buy its way into smartphone market. Bloomberg wrote:

”The rift highlights the dilemma President Satoru Iwata faces as consumers shun Nintendo devices to play games on iPhones, iPads and Facebook Inc.’s website. The flop of the 3DS debut prompted the company to cut prices 40 percent in Japan and 32 percent in the U.S., the first time the games developer has resorted to such a move within six months of a product’s debut”.

Although the new 3DS portable device hasn’t attracted great interest, the fact that the company recently invested in the 3DS and Wii U suggests that Nintendo will unlikely shift its attention to developing games for iOS devices in the near future. This is especially true for its famous franchises such as Donkey Kong and Mario.

Nintendo has faced poor initial 3DS sales resulted in the last month’s announcement of a quarterly loss of $328 million. To change the situation Nintendo dropped prices on its 3DS, but investors want the company to make more radical changes in the development strategy.

Historically Nintendo has clearly expressed its view on developing titles for other platforms. And even though mobile application and gaming become increasingly popular and a number of major iOS-related gaming companies like Open Feint, Chilingo and Ngmoco has been already acquired, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has said that the company will develop titles only for its own platform until he is in charge.

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