Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Is as Bendable as iPhone 6 Plus [Video]

Even though Samsung officials say the Galaxy S6 Edge features a metal casing, which is 50% stronger than the casing used in other high-end smartphones and that the device is not as bendable as the iPhone 6 Plus, it looks like it is actually a bit more bendable than the 5.5-inch iPhone. According to the results of the latest durability test conducted by a firm called SquareTrade, the smartphone from South Korea bends at 110 lbs of pressure, just like the iPhone 6 Plus. The breaking point of the handset is 149 lbs, while the one of the larger-screened iPhone is 179 lbs. Looks like the 50% stronger casing doesn’t work as it should.

Brought to you by SquareTrade, a San Francisco based extended warranty service provider for consumer electronics and appliances, their new breakability stress video shows Samsung’s device bends faster than Apple’s iPhone 6.

Apart from the aforementioned smartphones, SquareTrade put the HTC One M9 to the test. The device bent at 120 lbs of pressure. The thing is, unlike the Galaxy S6 Edge and the iPhone 6 Plus, it also became unusable at the same point.

It should be noted, however, that it is rather difficult to bend any of the smartphones mentioned above accidentally. That is why the “bendability” should not be the main criterion when choosing a new device.

[via iDownloadBlog]

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Sunday, April 5, 2015. 17:51

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