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Apple TV iOS 4.1 firmware is available for download

iPhone developer, chpwn has just provided a very interesting link via Twitter, a download for the Apple TV iOS 4.1 firmware.

You can download Apple TV iOS 4.1 here. There is not much use of it currently, however it does give hackers a possibility to analyze it.


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Written by admin

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010. 20:19

Comex Won't Release iOS 4.1 Jailbreak


Only a few days passed since Dev Team has confirmed that Comex will try to jailbreak iOS 4.1, using other exploit. However, according to the response received on Twitter, it became known that Comex may not take part in the new iOS 4.x jailbreak.

Comex replied to the message on Twitter in such a way: "ariif, the next jailbreak might not be from me :) ".

Of course, it does not mean that Comex leaves the scene and would not take part in jailbreaking as Geohot, most likely it is only this version he isn’t planning to jailbreak. Nevertheless the smile in his reply certainly means something good...


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iPod nano not iPod OS, not iOS, something new?


Is it possible the new iPod nano isn’t running iOS, but isn’t running the old iPod OS, either? The latest firmware has hit Apple’s servers so developers are tearing into it and here’s what Steven Troughton-Smith had to say on Twitter: The nano codename is N20 it appears; also labelled as “1.0″ of the OS. Definitely not iOS. Rusty Mercury also says it’s running on a Samsung S5L8723, a step up from the previous Samsung 8730.

So what is this OS 1.0? something new? Something hybrid?


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010. 13:20

Official Twitter for iPad Application is Now Available!


Finally, we’ve got an official Twitter client for the iPad! It seems to be the most complete version of Twitter client for such devices. Its main characteristics can be found on the official Twitter website.

Panes: When you click on the Tweet, the panel on the right side opens. Depending on the content of the Tweet, you'll see video, photo, news, or even a Tweet.

Media: When you click on the video link or open the website with embedded video, you can watch the video in the text. You can also click on video to watch it in full screen mode.

Gestures: You can click on the Tweet and quickly view information about the author to leave a response or retweet.

No need to register: You don’t have to register to start using Twitter for iPad. You can also search for the latest news and enjoy watching it. Register at any time to create your own timetable and start tweeting.

Twitter for the iPad can easily be found in the App Store. Use the link below.

Get Twitter for iPad here [link iTunes]


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Written by bbagira

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010. 13:11

Apple event live blog (finished)

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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Has Been Finally Unveiled!

microsoftarctouchmouse1282132397crop1Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse was finally unveiled for the whole world. It is a sexy mouse designed by Microsoft, whose concept is very similar to the latest generation of Microsoft’s Arc Mouse, except that it has a touch-sensitive surface, and you can straighten it and curl up as you wish! Isn’t it a curious idea to combine Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad? Isn’t it quite interesting?

Of course, it has not yet been officially introduced by Microsoft. We took these photos from a German online store, which reports that it will be available on October 13.

You can buy Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse at € 69,99 in Europe or $ 69.95 in the USA.



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Play Xvid AVI Videos on iPhone and iPod Touch Right Now!

VerizoniPhone4Can not wait for the official release? Do you want to get CineXPlayer for iPad on your iPhone and iPod touch right now? For those of you who do not know, CineXPlayer is an iPad application that allows you to download Xvid AVI files using iTunes, so you can easily reproduce the format that Apple won’t. Because the developer has not invented version of the application for the iPhone, the hacker decided to do everything by himself.

It is a complete step by step tutorial on how to install it on your iPhone or iPod touch available here. You just need to jailbreak these devices, because the process involves SSH (SSH program for secure file sharing on the network) to access the iPhone, but it's worth it if you want to get it right now!


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New Apple's Commercial Is Called "iPad is..."

New iPad TV commercial just launched by Apple introduce some 3rd party apps for iPad like Fruit Ninja HD, Twitter.com, Flipboard and others. The idea is obviously to show that iPad with apps from the App Store and Web can do nearly everything. Let's watch:


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Written by SimplyMax

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010. 15:01

HowTo activate iPhone without original SIM card

UPDATE: Now you should use RedSn0w, PwnageTool or Sn0wBreeze to activate.

Having problems activating your iPhone? Don't have original SIM-card? Cannot get passed emergency unlock screen? We have a solution:

If you have iPhone 3G, just use redsn0w to jailbreak and hactivate. If you have iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 follow these instructions:

If you are already Jailbroken:

So you have an iPhone with iOS 4.0, but don't have the original SIM and stuck on the Emergency Call Screen:

  1. Download ifunbox software (download link)
  2. Run ifunbox software and sync with phone
  3. Go to /private/var/root/Library/, delete original lockdown folder and put this lockdown folder after you extract it from the zip file
  4. Restart phone

If you are not jailbroken:

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Apple Stores block JailBreakMe.com

Some time ago users started to jailbreak iPhones in Apple Store. It appears that Apple banned JailBreakMe.com on any device at Apple Stores through DNS forward to Apple.com.

Here are some comments from Twitter:

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Written by admin

Friday, August 6th, 2010. 17:11

New Jailbreak for iOS Devices is Browser-Based


Starting today every owner of iPad, iPhone or iPod can easily jailbreak his device via browser on http://jailbreakme.com/

The site was created in a week after decision of the Library of Congress (that operates the Copyright Office), which states that jailbreaking isn't illegal, though Apple claims it actually represents a threat to the stability and security of the company's devices. Apple also says that jailbreaking voids the warranty, but such an action can be easily undone by resetting a device to the default factory settings.

Site JailbreakMe.com easily became a trending topic in Twitter after its announcement on RedmondPie.com. The jailbreak itself was created by hacker comex, and the website was done by chpwn and westbaer.


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MuscleNerd: iPhone 4 jailbreak+unlock not today

MuscleNerd, hacker from DevTeam, commented via twitter on recent rumors that universal jailbreak (all iPhones and all firmwares, including iPhone 4 and iOS 4.0.1) will be released today. The basic answer is no, there will be no jailbreak today.

Not to make it a daily thing, but since somehow people thought it would be today: the new JB+unlock won't be out today

(there are issues with important apps like Facetime that need to be figured out...no sense releasing a half-broken JB)


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The iPhone 4 Has Been Unlocked


DevTeam hacker Planetbeing has just announced that the iPhone 4 has been successfully unlocked.

Looks like I now have an unlocked iPhone 4. :)

My soft-unlocked iPhone 4 (in Canada). I'll have video in a couple of hours once I can top-up the SIM. http://twitpic.com/24ycdv

DevTeam congratulated planetbeing in team's official twitter:

Congrats to @planetbeing for first ever soft-unlocked iPhone4 http://is.gd/dqwvv (now to streamline it!)

Musclenerd also mentioned one interesting fact:

We think we have 3 different ways to unlock once inside BB (the 3rd way was first to fully work for @planetbeing !)

Congratulations for accomplishing this in such a short time. The unlock will be publicly available shortly after comex releases his jailbreak utility for iOS 4.

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Geohot closed his iPhone blog and twitter

Geohot closed the iPhone blog that he used to announce and release jailbreaks and unlocks over the past few years. The site now says "This blog is open to invited readers only". Yesterday he posted his last public blog entry.

Geohot has also now shut down his Twitter account which has 113,761 followers. Visiting the account now says "This person has protected their tweets".

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Just one more step until iPhone 4 unlock

MuscleNerd has announced via twitter that there is just one more step left to get iPhone 4 unlock. The team successfully run the unlock as a background task:

Full i4 bars with custom "steve" background task spitting out "One more thing" http://is.gd/doJXt - all pieces in place:)

@davidamodt It means the "next step" demoed in http://is.gd/doLnz has been reached, so now there's just 1 final step :)



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