WWDC 2012 live blog

11:54:47 AM PDT

Thanks again! You guys are the best.

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11:54:15 AM PDT

We'll have a lot more soon. Stay tuned!

11:53:51 AM PDT

Thank you for reading!

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We're off the the races.

11:53:24 AM PDT

And that's it!

11:53:21 AM PDT

"I can't think of a better reason to get up in the morning. I hope you have a fantastic week. Thank you for joining us."

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11:52:55 AM PDT

"Only Apple could make such amazing hardware, software, and services. We are so proud of these products. They are perfect examples of what Apple does best. Ultimately, it's why people come to work at Apple, and with Apple. To create products that empower people. To make a difference. The products we make, combined with the apps that you create, and fundamentally change the world."

11:52:24 AM PDT

11:51:49 AM PDT

"Let's review... the new MacBook Pro. OS X Mountain Lion. The best OS X yet. iOS 6, with 200 new features. The world's most advanced mobile OS."

11:51:03 AM PDT

11:51:00 AM PDT

"So what do you think?" Big cheers.

11:50:50 AM PDT

Looks like we're about to wrap up here.

11:50:39 AM PDT

And Tim Cook is back out.

11:50:33 AM PDT

"And that is iOS 6."

11:50:27 AM PDT

"iOS 6 is a great release for all of our devs. And it's available for developers today. It will ship this Fall. Will support 3GS and later, 2nd gen iPad..."

11:50:22 AM PDT

11:50:10 AM PDT

11:49:56 AM PDT

11:49:53 AM PDT

New APIs for Pass Kit, transit apps (integrate and promote devs apps for transit info), map kit...

11:49:05 AM PDT

11:48:50 AM PDT

Send a number to the phone, and the person who finds it can just tap on that to call you. Um... if they're nice.

11:48:48 AM PDT

11:48:14 AM PDT

"We've added 'lost mode' to find my iPhone."

11:48:12 AM PDT

11:47:55 AM PDT

"So a brand new mapping solution from the ground up in iOS 6... and these are only a few. There are so many more in here. Game Center challenges. New privacy controls..." REDESIGNED STORES.

11:47:33 AM PDT

11:47:09 AM PDT

"And that is turn by turn."

11:46:55 AM PDT

11:46:42 AM PDT

It certainly doesn't look like any existing GPS software we've used.

11:46:18 AM PDT

11:46:13 AM PDT

We've heard rumors here today that this is a collaboration with TomTom, but no evidence of that yet.

11:45:59 AM PDT

11:45:36 AM PDT

"The last thing I'd like to show you is turn by turn."

11:45:12 AM PDT

11:45:03 AM PDT

The level of detail is insane.

11:44:53 AM PDT

"Let me choose another place. How about the Sydney Opera House?"

11:44:34 AM PDT

"This is being rendered in realtime."

11:44:24 AM PDT

Wow, Flyover is very visually impressive. Detailed 3D. Huge applause in the room right now.

11:44:21 AM PDT

11:44:13 AM PDT

11:44:03 AM PDT

Satellite view.

11:43:59 AM PDT

11:43:47 AM PDT

Extremely fast performance on the iPad.

11:43:39 AM PDT

3D maps — very much like Google's 3D mode on Android.

11:43:30 AM PDT

11:43:24 AM PDT

11:42:53 AM PDT

"We've been building up 3D models of cities around the world." Man, really sticking it to Google here.

11:42:52 AM PDT

11:42:40 AM PDT

11:42:04 AM PDT

11:42:03 AM PDT

"You can ask questions like where can I get gas."

11:41:54 AM PDT

11:41:52 AM PDT

"And of course we've integrated it with Siri."

11:41:46 AM PDT

11:41:40 AM PDT

"All of this works from the lock screen as well."

11:41:40 AM PDT

11:41:31 AM PDT

11:41:26 AM PDT

11:41:25 AM PDT

Very GPS-like turn by turn.

11:41:17 AM PDT

"Once you find a place you'd like to go, just tap quick route."

11:41:05 AM PDT

Built in turn-by-turn navigation.

11:41:03 AM PDT

11:40:55 AM PDT

Anonymous realtime incident reports.

11:40:48 AM PDT

11:40:43 AM PDT

11:40:33 AM PDT

Incident reports.

11:40:26 AM PDT

"We're also building a traffic service."

11:40:18 AM PDT

11:40:13 AM PDT

Integrated Yelp.

11:40:11 AM PDT

11:40:03 AM PDT

Goodbye, Google Maps.

11:39:54 AM PDT

New maps in iOS 6.

11:39:53 AM PDT

11:39:41 AM PDT

11:39:29 AM PDT

11:39:11 AM PDT

11:38:43 AM PDT

11:38:19 AM PDT

"We were surprised at how many kids with autism have been using the phones, but there are controls in apps that you don't want them hitting." You can now select parts of apps to disable.

11:38:06 AM PDT

11:37:31 AM PDT

"We set out to make the most accessible devices."

11:37:20 AM PDT

11:37:15 AM PDT

"Next is guided access."

11:34:05 AM PDT

11:34:00 AM PDT

"Next up is a brand new app called Passbook." This is a place to collect boarding passes, store cards, and movie ticket apps.

11:33:39 AM PDT

11:31:54 AM PDT

Photo Stream sharing with friends. Choose the photos, choose the friends — friends will get a notification. The photos will appear in an album... and friends can comment. Weird, this is like a Facebook feature. Almost like Apple's own social network.

11:31:48 AM PDT

11:31:41 AM PDT

11:31:08 AM PDT

11:30:25 AM PDT

11:29:58 AM PDT

11:29:43 AM PDT

"We also adding the ability to upload photos right from Safari to your favorite websites."

11:29:38 AM PDT

11:29:22 AM PDT

11:29:11 AM PDT

"We're adding iCloud tabs, and offline reading list."

11:29:06 AM PDT

11:28:55 AM PDT

"Next up is Safari. Safari is the best and most popular on the planet. About two thirds of all mobile traffic comes from Safari in iOS."

11:28:48 AM PDT

11:28:32 AM PDT

"Also, we're unifying your phone number and Apple ID. So if someone calls you on your phone number for Facetime, you can answer it on your iPad or Mac. And we're doing the same thing with iMessage."

11:28:28 AM PDT

"Also, we're unifying your phone number and Apple ID. So if someone calls you on your phone number for Facetime, you can answer it on your iPad or Mac. And we're doing the same thing with iMessage."

11:28:23 AM PDT

11:28:08 AM PDT

11:27:50 AM PDT

"It only works over Wi-Fi... so what happens when there isn't Wi-Fi? In iOS 6 we're enabling Facetime over cellular."

11:27:46 AM PDT

11:27:30 AM PDT

11:27:26 AM PDT

"Next is FaceTime."

11:27:16 AM PDT

"You also get fine grain control over which phone calls you can receive." This is nice — you can also do groups. "You can also set up repeated calls — if someone calls a second time in 3 mins, it will come through."

11:27:15 AM PDT

11:26:55 AM PDT

11:26:40 AM PDT

"I can see many of you are like me and you've been awakened in the middle of the night — this tells your phone not to bother you. The messages will still come to your phone, it just won't light up the screen or make a sound."

11:26:35 AM PDT

"I can see many of you are like me and you've been awakened in the middle of the night — this tells your phone not to bother you. The messages will still come to your phone, it just won't light up the screen or make a sound."

11:26:14 AM PDT

11:26:06 AM PDT

"Next up is something we're calling do not disturb."

11:25:55 AM PDT

"If you choose reply with message, you can choose any of these, or if you choose remind me later, you can be reminded in an hour... or remind me when I leave, which will set up a geofence and remind you when you leave the building."

11:25:45 AM PDT

11:25:38 AM PDT

11:25:26 AM PDT

11:25:19 AM PDT

"You probably have been in a meeting where you can't take a call, but you want to text back, or remind yourself to call them later. Now there's a new tool in the phone app where you can."

11:24:52 AM PDT

"Next, some nice enhancements to the phone app."

11:24:45 AM PDT

11:24:38 AM PDT

"And we've taken that same integration and brought it to the Mac."

11:24:28 AM PDT

11:24:27 AM PDT

"Also your Facebook events will appear in calendars, and birthdays."

11:24:13 AM PDT

Contact integration as well.

11:24:09 AM PDT

11:24:05 AM PDT

"We've integrated it with the App Store. You can like apps, and see what your friends like. Same with movies, TV, and music."

11:23:45 AM PDT

"But we didn't stop there."

11:23:40 AM PDT

An API so you can add functionality to your app.

11:23:37 AM PDT
11:23:24 AM PDT

11:23:24 AM PDT

Tap to post to Twitter and Facebook built into notification center.

11:23:18 AM PDT

11:23:08 AM PDT

"We've been working to create the best Facebook experience on a mobile device." Integrated like Twitter. Login from settings, share from apps like photos or Safari. Locations from Maps. iTunes store, Game Center... integrated with Notification Center.

11:22:56 AM PDT

11:22:34 AM PDT

11:22:15 AM PDT

11:22:10 AM PDT

"Next: Facebook."

11:21:25 AM PDT

Lots of new languages. Siri is going to be busy.

11:21:17 AM PDT

11:20:09 AM PDT

"And we've added something called Eyes Free. We're working with car manufacturers to include a button that will bring up Siri — so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. A number of manufacturers have committed to delivering this in the next 12 months."

11:20:01 AM PDT

11:19:43 AM PDT

11:19:23 AM PDT

11:19:21 AM PDT

"You can now Tweet just by talking to your phone."

11:19:14 AM PDT

11:18:54 AM PDT

"And those are just a few things Siri has learned in iOS 6."

11:18:41 AM PDT

"One other thing Siri learned: how to launch apps. Play Temple Run... and it's just like that."

11:18:38 AM PDT

11:14:18 AM PDT

"What is Buster Posey's batting average?"

11:14:05 AM PDT

Siri: The Giants were downed by the Rangers yesterday.

11:13:59 AM PDT

11:13:53 AM PDT

"The first thing that Siri has learned in 8 months is all about sports. 'What was the score of the last Giants game?"

11:13:32 AM PDT

Demo time with Siri.

11:13:28 AM PDT

"Siri has only been out 8 months, and it does so much for you. Siri is fantastic. But she's been studying up. Here's what she can do in iOS 6."

11:13:10 AM PDT

11:13:03 AM PDT

11:12:56 AM PDT

"iOS 6 is a fantastic release. It has more than 200 new features, starting with Siri."

11:12:49 AM PDT

11:12:35 AM PDT

"I'm happy to announce iOS 6."

11:12:31 AM PDT

11:12:29 AM PDT

"All of this results in some very satisfied customers. More than 75% of our customers check the 'very satisfied' box, and our competition has less than 50%."

11:12:24 AM PDT

11:11:55 AM PDT

"Next is Game Center. We have more than 130m people using it. They submit 5b scores every week."

11:11:48 AM PDT

11:11:38 AM PDT

"Nearly half of all the photos come from iOS 5."

11:11:28 AM PDT

"Next is Twitter. We integrated Twitter directly into iOS 5. They've seen a 3X growth increase on iOS."

11:11:22 AM PDT

11:11:06 AM PDT

"Next is iMessage. A 140m users. More than a 150b messages."

11:11:05 AM PDT

11:10:52 AM PDT

"We're sending 1 1/2 trillion push notifications."

11:10:43 AM PDT

"SInce we introduced Notification Center, 81% of apps are using it."

11:10:30 AM PDT

11:10:20 AM PDT

"Almost all of our users are running iOS 5... now if you compare that to the competition. They released a dairy product, 4.0, about the same time as we released iOS 5. About 7% of their users are running it."

11:10:10 AM PDT

11:09:52 AM PDT

11:09:45 AM PDT

11:09:40 AM PDT

"We've sold more than 365m iOS devices through March."

11:09:17 AM PDT

"Alright, let's talk about iOS."

11:08:09 AM PDT

11:08:01 AM PDT


11:06:53 AM PDT

11:06:34 AM PDT

"One area I want to highlight — features we're adding for China."

11:06:20 AM PDT

Tons of new features. Mail VIP, Launchpad search, Offline reading list...

11:06:11 AM PDT

11:05:46 AM PDT

11:05:25 AM PDT

11:04:43 AM PDT

11:02:42 AM PDT

11:02:37 AM PDT

"Finally, Game Center."

11:02:24 AM PDT

11:01:50 AM PDT

11:01:36 AM PDT

"Next is AirPlay mirroring."

11:01:28 AM PDT

Automatically refreshes data, silent, power efficient. Works with MacBook Airs and the new MBP.

11:01:01 AM PDT

Keeps your Mac up to date while it sleeps. Oh thank heavens — will backup while sleeping.

11:00:43 AM PDT

"Wouldn't it be great if our computers still worked for us when we weren't working? Now it can."

11:00:41 AM PDT

11:00:24 AM PDT

"I want to introduce you to a new technology in OS X that we call Power Nap."

11:00:20 AM PDT

10:55:51 AM PDT

"We also have a new feature we call tabview."

10:55:43 AM PDT

There's a great little dropdown in Safari.

10:55:33 AM PDT

10:55:00 AM PDT

Unified smart search field. Just like Chrome.

10:54:51 AM PDT

10:54:03 AM PDT

"Next is sharing. Links, images, video... and now in Mountain Lion you can share right from the app where you're working. There's a share button on the toolbar. Twitter... just like that."

10:53:44 AM PDT

10:53:20 AM PDT

"Next up, dictation. It's built into the system and works everywhere."

10:53:13 AM PDT

10:52:54 AM PDT

10:52:37 AM PDT

Looks like a new icon for Notification Center.

10:50:10 AM PDT

10:49:13 AM PDT

10:46:47 AM PDT

"And we introduce three new apps: messages, reminders, and notes."

10:46:26 AM PDT

10:45:29 AM PDT

"And now we're here to announce Mountain Lion."

10:45:19 AM PDT

"Lion was our best selling release ever. 40% of users are on it. And that was in 9 months."

10:44:34 AM PDT

Craig Federighi is out.

10:44:21 AM PDT

Next up OS X.

10:44:16 AM PDT

10:44:10 AM PDT

"It's simply the best computer we've ever made."

10:44:04 AM PDT

10:43:56 AM PDT

Hot damn. Later Apple execs will be swimming through a new pile of gold coins.

10:43:38 AM PDT

10:43:36 AM PDT

Starts shipping... today.

10:43:15 AM PDT

"We also work to make this environmentally friendly."

10:43:15 AM PDT

10:42:56 AM PDT

Get your credit cards out.

10:42:51 AM PDT

Wow, very stacked base. Starts at $2199.

10:42:36 AM PDT

"So let me tell you about the configs."

10:42:34 AM PDT

10:42:19 AM PDT

10:42:13 AM PDT
10:40:28 AM PDT

10:40:13 AM PDT

10:36:28 AM PDT

Video time!

10:36:25 AM PDT

"Of course, we made a video."

10:36:19 AM PDT

Facetime HD, dual microphones. "The best stereo speakers we've ever put into a notebook."

10:36:18 AM PDT

10:35:58 AM PDT

10:35:53 AM PDT

New accessories: Thunderbolt to FireWire 800, and to Ethernet.

10:35:39 AM PDT

10:35:30 AM PDT

Two Thunderbolt ports.

10:35:20 AM PDT

10:35:17 AM PDT

Phil is showing off some new Thunderbolt accessories.

10:35:03 AM PDT

10:34:46 AM PDT

"Let's take a look at the ports. SD slot, HDMI, Thunderbolt, USB 2 and 3 on both sides, headphone, magsafe... thinner."

10:34:35 AM PDT

10:34:19 AM PDT

10:34:18 AM PDT

"So this amazing display, high performance... how's the battery life? 7 hours, up to 30 days of standby."

10:34:12 AM PDT

10:33:56 AM PDT

10:33:51 AM PDT

"And of course it's built around flash storage. Up to 768GB."

10:33:40 AM PDT

"The fastest RAM, the fastest graphics."

10:33:31 AM PDT

"Here are a few of the things on the inside. The fastest CPU we can put in. Quad-core i5 or i7."

10:33:28 AM PDT

10:33:06 AM PDT

"It's dominated by a battery — it takes tremendous work on battery tech to drive this hardware."

10:32:52 AM PDT

10:32:50 AM PDT

"Here's the inside of the new generation MBP.

10:32AM - Photoshop is updated for Retina. AutoCAD updated too. Diablo III is updated!

10:31AM - “There are over 3 million pixels left over! … Now, apps have to be updated to take advant

10:29:51 AM PDT

10:29:37 AM PDT

10:29:31 AM PDT

"The OS has been updated for the new display."

10:29:15 AM PDT

10:29:15 AM PDT

"It's got deeper blacks, a higher angle of viewing, and we've reduced the glare by 75%."

10:29:00 AM PDT

10:28:46 AM PDT

"The world's highest resolution notebook display."

10:28:46 AM PDT

10:28:33 AM PDT

220 ppi.

10:28:30 AM PDT


10:28:26 AM PDT

2880 x 1800

10:28:15 AM PDT

15.4 inches across

10:28:12 AM PDT

"The pixels are so small that your retina cannot discern them."

10:28:00 AM PDT

10:27:59 AM PDT

"The most amazing thing is this gorgeous display. Yes it is a Retina display."

10:27:53 AM PDT

10:27:42 AM PDT

10:27:40 AM PDT

"About as thin as a MacBook Air. And it's under 4 1/2 lbs."

10:27:29 AM PDT

10:27:19 AM PDT

Dwarfed by the old model. Wow.

10:27:19 AM PDT

10:27:09 AM PDT

Basically, this looks like an iPad laptop.

10:26:37 AM PDT

"It is a breakthrough in engineering."

10:26:30 AM PDT

"It's thinner than my finger."

10:26:29 AM PDT

10:26:25 AM PDT

Or almost no ports.

10:26:19 AM PDT

"There's never been a notebook this gorgeous. Let's turn it around." Wow, so thin. Looks like no ports.

10:25:54 AM PDT

10:25:54 AM PDT

Next Generation MacBook Pro "The most beautfiul computer we have ever made."

10:25:39 AM PDT

"Want to see it? Let's show it now."

10:25:35 AM PDT

10:25:30 AM PDT

"You want it to have a killer new display. You want an architecture built for the future, you want it to be light. You want it unlike anything else."

10:25:02 AM PDT

"Want to know the answer?"

10:25:00 AM PDT

10:24:32 AM PDT

10:24:22 AM PDT

10:24:09 AM PDT

Whoa — new model.

10:24:05 AM PDT

"So what's next? Let me make room on the slide."

10:23:58 AM PDT

"So across the board, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro all updated today. We're proud of the engineering team here for this."

10:23:53 AM PDT

10:23:39 AM PDT

10:23:31 AM PDT

10:23:28 AM PDT

"So that's the update to the MacBook Pro, and it is shipping today."

10:23:17 AM PDT

"Same 7 hours of battery life with all that performance." Prices stay the same.

10:23:01 AM PDT

15-inch starts with quad-core CPU.

10:22:53 AM PDT

Prices stay the same.

10:22:47 AM PDT

"Here's the 13-inch, starts with a 2.5GHz i5."

10:22:39 AM PDT

10:22:28 AM PDT

"As you might expect, we're updating the IO too. USB 2 and USB 3 too."

10:22:14 AM PDT

"A new generation Nvidia GeForce GT 650m graphics."

10:22:11 AM PDT

10:21:50 AM PDT

"We're updating the MBP processors to Ivy Bridge. 2.7GHz, turbo boosted up to 3.7GHz."

10:21:48 AM PDT

10:21:28 AM PDT
10:21:28 AM PDT

"We also have a really nice update to the MacBook Pro. Our customers really care about having the speed for their music, video, and design."

10:21:24 AM PDT

10:21:10 AM PDT

10:21:03 AM PDT

Starts shipping today. Boom!

10:20:51 AM PDT

10:20:48 AM PDT

"Prices are $999 and $1099 for 11 inch, cheaper than before."

10:20:23 AM PDT

10:20:14 AM PDT

"As you know it comes in 11 and 13 inch."

10:20:10 AM PDT

10:20:04 AM PDT

"We're updating the Facetime camera — 720p camera."

10:20:02 AM PDT

10:19:54 AM PDT

"Here's the MacBook Air — we have a port on each side, USB 2 and 3 support. Use whatever port you want."

10:19:51 AM PDT

10:18:52 AM PDT

10:18:48 AM PDT

Up to 512GB of flash storage.

10:18:41 AM PDT

Up to 8GB of RAM.

10:18:32 AM PDT

"With Intel turbo boosting, up to 3.2Ghz."

10:18:17 AM PDT

"We're going to update it with some really great features and updates. New CPUs — Ivy Bridge. Up to 2GHz dual core."

10:18:11 AM PDT

10:17:54 AM PDT

"Our customers love them."

10:17:50 AM PDT

"It's revolutionized the notebook. It's a breakthrough. Everyone is trying to copy it. They find it's not so easy."

10:17:45 AM PDT

10:16:35 AM PDT

"We want to deliver more innovations so you can take your ideas even further. Today we're announcing new changes in our notebook lineup, and new versions of our OS and iOS."

10:16:30 AM PDT

10:16:03 AM PDT

10:15:24 AM PDT

Big cheers for that. And Tim is back out.

10:13:46 AM PDT

"The become a toy for her, but a tool for me."

10:13:40 AM PDT

Now the video is showing off a woman who uses apps to help her daughter to speak. It's a very moving video, in case you're wondering.

10:11:01 AM PDT

10:06:36 AM PDT "It's an economy in itself. It operates in 120 countries around the world. And I'm pleased to announce that we're adding an additional 32."

10:06AM - 30 billion app download milestone. Wow. “This is a number so mindboggling and unthinkable not too long ago. We’ve written checks for over 5 billion dollars to you guys.”

10:05AM - “This compares to just a few hundred of our competition.” Pretty sure that’s not actually true.

10:05AM - “This store has the largest number of accounts with credit cards anywhere on the internet. And thanks to you have we have over 650,000 apps on that store.” Big applause. 225k apps specifically made for iPad.

10:04AM - “We have a great week planned, over 100 sessions and over 100 hands-on labs… you can get just about any question you might have answered. We have over 1k Apple engineers here — we closed Apple for the week.”

10:03:01 AM PDT

10:02:58 AM PDT

"Morning, thank you."

10:02:53 AM PDT

10:02:53 AM PDT

"Good morning."

10:02:48 AM PDT

Huge applause.

10:02:45 AM PDT

And Tim Cook is out!

10:00:53 AM PDT

10:00:51 AM PDT

Whoa, starting with a Siri video welcoming people here. "I was asked to warm up the crowd."

10:00:24 AM PDT

This is it.

10:00:21 AM PDT

And the lights are going down...

9:56:30 AM PDT

Okay, Coldplay. C'mon, it's an Apple event!

9:55:59 AM PDT

"Ladies and gentlemen, please switch all electronic devices to silent mode."

9:53AM - Looks like we’re just under 10 minutes to kickoff

9:51AM - Music this morning: hit and miss. No oldies. Although not every Apple event is set to a soundtrack of Dylan, Stones, and Beatles.

9:48AM - So this massive auditorium at the Moscone Center seats 6000-8000 people

9:49 AM PDT

9:42:25 AM PDT

9:35:52 AM PDT

9:35:32 AM PDT

Random cheers going up around the room as developers file in.

9:35:13 AM PDT

Simple Song, in case you're wondering.

9:34:10 AM PDT

Yes, it was Shazammed. Shazmed? Shazam.

9:33:55 AM PDT

Previous track was by the Two Door Cinema Club.

9:33:44 AM PDT

Now The Shins. Not random.

9:33:03 AM PDT

Crazy in here. Some upbeat indie music playing. Random upbeat indie music.

9:32:25 AM PDT

And we're in our seats!

9:19:51 AM PDT

The crush of attendees is growing by the moment. The stampede is imminent.

9:10:02 AM PDT

Okay, now in position. This is fantastic.

9:07:17 AM PDT

9:07:12 AM PDT

We're now going to position ourselves closer to the door. Our direwolves will be waiting to attack anyone who gets in our way.

9:07:05 AM PDT

9:00:35 AM PDT

Media has gathered upstairs in the multi-story building, huddled together in groups for warmth. Actually, it's really warm in here.

8:59:42 AM PDT

We're in Moscone waiting for the big doors to open. Just... oh, you know... an hour away.


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