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MacBook Air 'Sandy Bridge' Update in June

new macbooks

Recent rumors claim that Apple plans to update its MacBook Air line with Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors. The company is going to replace the Core 2 Duo chip, found in the current generation of MacBook Air, which is two generations behind Intel's processor. So it will be a significant upgrade for Apple's MacBook Air. The refreshed is expected in June, sometime during the WWDC 2011. Remind you that last fall the MacBook Air was already updated. It received a new, thinner design, and flash memory drive.


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Saturday, February 12th, 2011. 22:17

Apple surpassed Motorola and Sony in handset sales

Table 1
Worldwide Mobile Device Sales to End Users in 2010 (Thousands of Units)



2010Market Share (%)


2009 Market Share (%)











LG Electronics





Research In Motion










Sony Ericsson



































Source: Gartner (February 2011)

Today Gartner revealed the results of another research, where it was found that Apple's achievements in 2010 had led to the situation when the company's competitors experienced reduced sales and eventually lost significant market shares.

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Apple is Hiring an Engineer Experienced in Integrating LTE

job postign

A new job listing appeared on Apple’s website. Now the company is looking for LTE 4G connectivity expert. This is the first time LTE is mentioned among the “specific duties” for an applicant.

Specific Duties

- Implementation, Integration, customization, enhancement and maintenance of L1-3 Protocols for one or more of the following air interface: GSM/UMTS, CDMA (1x/EVDO), LTE etc.

Job listings often provide good indications that Apple is working on a new feature, which might be implemented in Apple’s devices in the feature. Moreover, US carriers are updating their networks to provide support for 4G network and some European carriers confirms that they start working with LTE during 2012 and 2013.


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011. 15:16

Google topples Nokia and becomes a top smartphone platform maker


Yesterday research firm Canalysis revealed a new study, where it was found that last quarter there were sold 32.9 million smartphones, which are based on Google platform, including Android, Tapas and OMS. In turn, according to Reuters only 31 million of Nokia's smartphones with Symbian OS were sold over the same period of time, and that allows to conclude that Google has overtaken Nokia and became a top smartphone platform maker in the world.

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Written by SimplyMax

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011. 12:05

Apple's tablet market share decreased from 95% to 77%


Yesterday research firm Strategy Analytics has reported that in the December quarter iPad rivals started to conquer the tablet market, which caused Apple's tablet market share to drop from 95% to 77%.

In the Q4 of 2010 Apple sold record 7.3 million iPads and thus represented 95% of the market. Android shipments in turn increased from 100,000 units to 2.1 million, which eventually significantly changed the situation on the market, the director of Strategy Analytics Neil Mawston told.

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Verizon started iPhone 4 launch countdown for existing customers


Few days remain before iPhone 4 will become available for preorder at Verizon's stores, and this week the carrier has already launched a teaser countdown page available for existing customers, which tells them to come at 3 a.m. Eastern on Feb 3.

Previously Verizon has also sent out emails to its business customers with a notification of 3 a.m. start.

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Written by SimplyMax

Sunday, January 30th, 2011. 19:33

Readers Like Ads On The iPad More Than Its Print Versions


Dave Dickson from Adobe Digital Publishing blog published the results from another interesting survey that studied people's perception of different ads.

The research paper is entitled "Digital Ad Engagement: Perceived Interactivity as a Driver of Advertising Effectiveness" and was conducted by Alex Wang, Ph. D. at the University of Connecticut.

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Written by SimplyMax

Monday, January 24th, 2011. 21:38

1 Megapixel Rear Camera On The iPad 2


The latest iOS SDK code for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad revealed evidence that shows that the next-generation iPad will in fact offer both front- and rear-facing cameras. The first one will be a 1 MP rear camera capable of shooting photos and videos, and the second one will be a VGA front-facing camera for FaceTime and other camera functionalities. Such camera is pretty close to the fourth-generation iPod touch’s 0.7 megapixel back camera. That means you’ll be able to take 720P video with your new iPad. A 1-megapixel camera on the iPad 2 would be significantly lower than expected 5-megapixel lens on the iPhone 4.


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Apple's Q1 2011 Conference Call: Notes Of Interest


Yesterday Apple reported its best quarter in the company's history. That what numbers tell and Apple's CEO Steve Jobs said at the beginning of a conference call:

“We had a phenomenal holiday quarter with record Mac, iPhone and iPad sales. We are firing on all cylinders and we’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline for this year including iPhone 4 on Verizon which customers can’t wait to get their hands on.”

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Analysts Expect Jobs' Absence May And May Not Impact On Apple's Stock Price


This Tuesday analyst Shaw Wu from Kaufman. Bros. has increased Apple's price target for AAPL stock from $395 to $415 despite the fact that Steve Jobs will take a leave of absence soon. He is assured that Apple's share growth will be intact in the nearest future.

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Apple could beat revenue estimates by $2 billion

apple revenue

Wall Street Analysts expect Apple to post $5.38 in earnings per share (EPS) on approximately $24.38 billion in revenue. Yet, bloggers and unaffiliated analysts who tend to almost always outperform Wall Street analysts are looking for significantly stronger numbers out of the company. Bloggers are looking for Apple to post $6.32 in earnings per share (EPS) on approximately $26.4 billion in revenue. Bloggers are looking for Apple to beat on the top-line by over $2 billion. Apple could be immediately sold-off on great earnings given the humongous run it has had since August. The stock is up over 50% in just 6 months time.


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011. 22:17

Apple forbids newspapers to allow free iPad access for print subscribers


This Friday Dutch website called deVolkskrant published a report, where it was revealed that Apple will soon bring in new rules for publishers. According to it they won't be able to offer free access via iPad for their paid print subscribers anymore. The changes will be made because in this way publishers currently avoid to pay Apple a 30% cut for an access through its device.

Another Dutch site nrc.nl also revealed the date when all the new restrictions will take effect - it will be after April 1.

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Written by SimplyMax

Saturday, January 15th, 2011. 3:34

Holiday sales of Apple's products are stronger than expected


Another note to investors was posted by Chris Whitmore from Deutsche Bank, where he indicates that Apple had sold more iPads and Macs than it was previously expected. The demand for the iPhone didn't also slow down, though rumors on CDMA-enabled version of the device could cause that.

These holidays Deutsche Bank visited more than fifty stores to find that there were lines and crowds of people who would like to buy the latest iPhone, and Apple was prepared for that.

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Written by SimplyMax

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011. 22:07

Gresso classies up the iPad with 18k gold logo and ancient wood case

gressco case

Gresso, the Russian company, has modded the Apple iPad with a back cover made of the 200-year-old extremely luxurious African Blackwood combined with 18K gold.
Absolute combination of the latest Apple technologies and unique design Gresso.

Housing iPad is framed in 200-year-old African Blackwood (African Blackwood), the material that became hallmark Gresso. As the most valuable tree in the world, ebony prized for centuries for their unique qualities, as well as a gorgeous, rich, totally black. High strength grade African Blackwood is achieved due to its specific natural features and unique processing technology, patented by Gresso. Two similar iPad does not exist, just as there are no two identical trees.

Strangely, in spite of its extravagant constituent materials, this design is a very restrained, and even classy. iPad Gresso went on sale on the eve of the 2011. Pricing information is not yet available.


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011. 15:52

People Buy Kindle Though They Already Have iPad


This week Amazon has revealed another press-release, where it is said that the company's third-gen Kindle became the best-selling product in the history of the online retailer. To take the top spot it surpassed the book of Joanne Rowling "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

Though it was said that this holiday the 3G and Wi-Fi Kindle models are the best-selling products, actual sales figures were not unveiled. But it is interesting that Jeff Bezos, who is Amazon Chief Executive, said that people who buy Kindle also have one more tablet.

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