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Apple has ordered a large quantity of LED flash for the future iPhone's camera

Unfortunately there is no flash on the iPhone's camera. The picture quality and the resulting video are really  good, but when it's dark you just do not see anything on photos. According to rumors, in fact, Apple is looking to buy from a specialized manufacturer a large amount of LED flash to be mounted close to the camera probably in the next version of iPhone.

These Items, according to a company in Amsterdam, are usually combined with 5 megapixel sensors. Hopefully we will soon see a new version of iPhone with 5-megapixel camera and LED flash.



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Utility Sn0wBreeze beta released (PwnageTool for Windows)


iH8Sn0w has released a beta of Sn0wbreeze a software utility which jailbreaks the iPod Touch 1G, 2G and iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3GS (old bootrom & non MC). The software runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 or 64 bit). Sn0wbreeze is similar to PwnageTool for Mac. It will allow you to create custom ipsws which can be built to include Cydia applications and personalized boot logos.

At this time BlackRa1n is still recommended for Windows users with firmware 3.1.2 and RedSn0w for earlier firmwares.


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Google Launches Smartphone Nexus One


Google today announced the launch of its Nexus One smartphone. It is based on the Android 2.1 operating system and offers 800x480 screen, 5 megapixel camera with flash,  Qualcomm's 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. The Nexus One offers 512 MB of Flash and 512 MB of RAM, and ships with a 4 GB Micro SD card with support for cards up to 32 GB.

Nexus One is initially available from the Google web store in the US without service for $529 or starting at $179 with a two-year contract from T-Mobile USA. In the near future, Verizon Wireless in the US and Vodafone in Europe plan to offer similar service plans.

Here is the full list of hardware and software features:

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iPhone OS 4.0 Beta will be launched January 27th


French site Mac4Ever (Google translation) claims that Apple's special media event now reportedly scheduled for January 27th will see both the introduction of the company's much-rumored tablet device and the launch of beta versions of iPhone OS 4.0 and the associated Software Development Kit for developers.

Rumors say SDK will include a "simulator" to assist developers in adapting their existing App Store applications to support the tablet's screen resolution. The deployment of tools for supporting multiple screen resolutions could also pave the way for a higher-resolution iPhone in the future.

via macrumors mac4ever


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Wind OS: Simulates the Windows operating system on your iPhone

Wind Os is a simple application that brings the feeling of using Windows on the iPhone. There is a bottom bar and user can open the Start menu and access minesweeper game and the notepad. The applications are fully functional, but there is always a possibility of some errors in the system:


This application has no real value and is therefore directed more to jokes. Just make friends think that you have installed a lightweight version of Windows on the iPhone. Wow!


Wind Os is avaliable in AppStore for $0.99 (link).


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NFS Shift Money Patch: Cydia tweak to get a lot of money


Need For Speed Shift is a wonderful game that recently appeared in AppStore. Many users want to customize and enhance their cars, but they need a lot of money for that. Now users of jailbreaked iPhones can use a money patch from Cydia, that will solve this problem with $6 000 000.

The steps to install the patch are very simple and fast:

  • open Cydia and add еру repository http://repo.beyouriphone.com
  • after refresh install Need For Speed Shift $ 6M Cheat!
  • start the game and we enjoy all the money available!

Have fun!

Please take a look at http://wedding-advices.com/.


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iFhone 3GS: The best Chinese iPhone clone available for $123


All iPhones are manufactured in China. Probably that's why users can find so many iPhone clones. Here is the latest arrival: iFhone 3GS - one of the best iPhone clones ever.

The device is identical, however there is no Apple logo. Take a look at these interesting features:

  • 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • accelerometer
  • WAP, GPRS, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • 230MB of memory expandable to 15GB with a memory card
  • VGA camera
  • Java for games and apps
  • Audio and Video support (MP3/3GP/MP4/JPG/TXT)
  • Built-in FM Radio Tuner
  • Voice recording

Even the interface of the springboard and the various applications is very similar to the original iPhone.

iFone3GS-5 iFone3GS-4

The box is identical, complete with Apple logo. Included: stylus, headphones, USB cable and an extra battery to attach to the dock. All this costs $123 without shipping charges.

More photos:

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'The Simpsons Arcade' App Preview with Video


Simsons comes to iPhone! Unfortunately the title isn't really what the app is about. This is not The Simpsons Arcade, it's a upgraded port of a J2ME game.


The gameplay is still a lot of fan. There are many familiar characters. Simpsons fans will be impressed. The only real variety in the game is from the power ups you pick up along the way, which consist of weapons for you to use as well as other members of the Simpson family coming to briefly help you out.

Here is the first few levels, including a boss fight with Chief Wiggum and Mayor Quimby:

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Air combat simulation game "F.A.S.T." becomes free

The iPhone game F.A.S.T. (Fleet Air Superiority Training) is an air combat simulation game with online multiplayer functionality. Yesterday it was updated and today it became free. The regular price was $0.99. The discount is probably due to the addition of some new paid content that is avaliable through the in-app purchase.

fast-1 fast-2

Why not try it for free? Go ahead and download via AppStore (link).

Watch the video:

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iTablet Rumors: Coming March for $1000


MarketWatch reports that Apple will begin mass production of its much-rumored iTablet in February ahead of a launch in late March or April.

The report claims that the device will include a 10.1" multi-touch LCD screen. There were rumors that iTablet will have OLED screen and therefore delayed till the second half of 2010.

Current rumors also say that Apple has begun contacting book publishers about distributing their books through Apple for consumption on the new device. Apple is reportedly proposing a similar business model to its App Store, where Apple would retain 30% of each download's sale price with 70% going to the publishers. Amazon, for example, uses 50/50 model.

The estimated cost of the future device is $1000. Apple may sell 1-1.5 million tablets per quarter. The name of the future device is still unknown. Rumors say different vartiants: iTablet, TabletMac, MacTablet or just Apple Tablet.


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Apple has begun testing the next model of iPhone (3.1)


iPhone developer Pandav informed MacRumors that they, thanks to the scripts of statistics included in their application, have managed to record tracks for a new iPhone model, not yet released.

PinchMedia, which offers a system of statistics and analysis on the use of software, has noticed the same thing and the new device is identified with the code iPhone3,1. The last iPhone released to the public was the iPhone 3GS which carries the identification string iPhone2,1. Apple similarly began testing the iPhone 3GS (iPhone2,1) back in October of 2008 about 8 months ahead of its launch.

The next generation iPhone might include a multi-core processor and Verizon compatibility. It might be released as early as mid 2010.


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iPhone Explorer: one more iPhone browser app


iPhone Explorer is a handy application for Mac and Windows. It allows users to use a USB connection and access all the system files. Users can create, delete and rename files and folders on iPhone or iPod Touch, or use the device as a flash drive. If you have a jailbroken device can gain access to the root directory. The functionality is somehow similar to iFunBox and iPhone Folder applications.


The application is completely free and you can download it from here.


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Electronic Arts Games Sale


Electronic Arts, one of the biggest game developer company, EA has discounted all their iPhone games for this holiday week/weekend. You can save a lot of money:

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Musicbar: tweak to control the music playback via iPhone's StatusBar

Musicbar is a new Tweak from user Gi-Lo that lets you control the music from the StatusBar.

Musicbar-1 Musicbar-2

Operation is very simple: install the tweak via Cydia and run it via a tap on the name of your operator. Now we can control the playback directly from the StatusBar.


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Friday, November 20th, 2009. 1:49

Apple partially automated the app review process


More and more developers complain about the rejection of their applications in the AppStore. There's a good reason behind all this.

It seems that Apple has created a tool that can automatically review applications and APIs that are used. According to the rules of the SDK, the developers can not use private API. If this initial test is passed examiners begin to manually check the app.

So the advice is quite simple - follow the rules of the SDK.


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Tuesday, November 17th, 2009. 16:52