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iOS 4.3 released

Apple just released new iOS 4.3 firmware. Jailbreakers and unlockers should wait for new tools. Everybody else will benefit. iOS 4.3 has Safari speed improvements, AirPlay features, hotspot, Home sharing, a new option for customizing the iPad's side switch to serve as a mute toggle or screen orientation lock and much more:

This update contains new features and improvements, including the following:

* Personal Hotspot
- Share iPhone 4 cellular data with up to 5 devices (combination of up to 3 Wi-Fi, 3 Bluetooth, and 1 USB)

* iTunes Home Sharing
- Play music, movies, and TV shows from a shared iTunes library on a Mac or PC (requires iTunes 10.2)

* New AirPlay features
- Play videos from the Photos app including the Camera Roll album, iTunes previews, enabled third-party apps and websites on Apple TV
- Play slideshows from Photos on Apple TV using transitions available on Apple TV

* Faster Safari performance with Apple Nitro JavaScript engine

* HD video out using the Apple Digital AV Adapter
- View 720p HD videos from Videos app, iPod app, Photos, YouTube, Safari, Keynote, and enabled third-party apps on an HDMI display

* Ping features
- Push notifications for comments and follow requests
- Post and Like songs directly from the Now Playing screen
- Parental controls

* New Settings
- Messages setting for number of times to repeat an alert
- iPad side switch setting to lock screen rotation or mute audio notifications and sound effects

* Single tap conference call dialing with a pause to send a passcode

* Bug fixes

Products compatible with the software update:

  • iPhone 4 (GSM model)
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPad
  • iPod touch (4th generation)
  • iPod touch (3rd generation)
  • Apple TV 2G

iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G and iPhone 4 Verizon do not have iOS 4.3 update.

Here are the direct links to download iOS 4.3:

device version release date
AppleTV(2G) (AppleTV2,1) 4.3 (8F191m) 03/09/2011 13:07:02
iPad (iPad1,1) 4.3 (8F190) 03/09/2011 13:07:02
iPad2,1 (iPad2,1) 4.3 (8F191) 03/09/2011 13:07:02
iPad2,2 (iPad2,2) 4.3 (8F191) 03/09/2011 13:07:02
iPad2,3 (iPad2,3) 4.3 (8F191) 03/09/2011 13:07:02
iPhone3GS (iPhone2,1) 4.3 (8F190) 03/09/2011 13:07:02
iPhone4 (iPhone3,1) 4.3 (8F190) 03/09/2011 13:07:02
iPodTouch(3G) (iPod3,1) 4.3 (8F190) 03/09/2011 13:07:02
iPodTouch(4G) (iPod4,1) 4.3 (8F190) 03/09/2011 13:07:02


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Apple iPad 2 tech specs


Size and Weight1

  • Height: 9.50 inches (241.2 mm)
  • Width: 7.31 inches (185.7 mm)
  • Depth: 0.34 inch (8.8 mm)
  • Weight: 1.33 pounds (601 g)
  • Height: 9.50 inches (241.2 mm)
  • Width: 7.31 inches (185.7 mm)
  • Depth: 0.34 inch (8.8 mm)
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds (613 g)
  • Weight: 1.34 pounds (607 g) (Verizon)



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Apple surpassed Motorola and Sony in handset sales

Table 1
Worldwide Mobile Device Sales to End Users in 2010 (Thousands of Units)



2010Market Share (%)


2009 Market Share (%)











LG Electronics





Research In Motion










Sony Ericsson



































Source: Gartner (February 2011)

Today Gartner revealed the results of another research, where it was found that Apple's achievements in 2010 had led to the situation when the company's competitors experienced reduced sales and eventually lost significant market shares.

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Verizon iPhone Also Has Antenna Issues

iLounge has discovered that despite having a brand new antenna, the Verizon iPhone 4 also has antenna issues when held in a “Death Hug”. The “Death Hug” is when the phone is cupped by both hands and held in landscape orientation. A position is common when playing games or using the widescreen keyboard. The CDMA iPhone 4 still lose substantial cellular signal strength, as well as Wi-Fi signal when loading web pages.

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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011. 14:22

iPad 2 display leaked

ipad 2 screen 1

iFIxYouri.com managed to acquire the new iPad 2 LCD display from iPhone repair shop in China. The display is a 9.7-inch display from LG with a 1024 x 768 resolution, the same resolution as the current iPad and is definitely higher quality in terms of its build. The display is also lighter and over a millimeter thinner than the current iPad's display with a smaller surrounding frame, suggesting Apple is looking to shave as much weight off the next iPad as they can for this update.

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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011. 11:41

LG Is Disappointed By Windows Phone 7 Sales


This week James Choi, who is a marketing strategy and planning team director at LG, have an interesting interview to Pocket-lint, where he expressed his disappointment about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7:

"From an industry perspective we had a high expectation, but from a consumer point of view the visibility is less than we expected".

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Written by SimplyMax

Sunday, January 16th, 2011. 1:21

“Treasures” of The British Library Are Available for Apple Users

british-library-treasures 1

All those Apple products’ users who can’t imagine their lives without usage of such devices as iPad and iPhone and enjoy reading get a unique opportunity to gain an access to the rarest world’s books and masterpieces of literature thanks to the newest application “Treasures” which appeared due to the collaboration of the British Library and Apple developers.

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Apple ordered 65 million iPad screens for 2011


Last week another DigiTimes report had revealed that Apple ordered approximately 35 million iPad displays from LG and another 30 million from Chimei Innolux and Samsung.

According to the publication, these huge numbers show that Apple "is very optimistic about the tablet PC market in 2011, and it may also mean that Apple is overbooking panel capacity".

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Written by SimplyMax

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011. 18:19

Camera+ iPhone app is back in the App Store


After being pulled from AppStore application Camera+ is back with version 2.0. It has new filters and enhancments in addition to the usual bug fixes.

Camera+ is on sale right now and is available for $0.99 (link).

What's New in Version 2.0:

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Android Approaches iOS In Overall Smartphone Subscribers

Top Smartphone Platforms
3 Month Avg. Ending Oct. 2010 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Jul. 2010
Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Ages 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
Share (%) of Smartphone Subscribers
Jul-10 Oct-10 Point Change
Total Smartphone Subscribers 100.0% 100.0% N/A
RIM 39.3% 35.8% -3.5
Apple 23.8% 24.6% 0.8
Google 17.0% 23.5% 6.5
Microsoft 11.8% 9.7% -2.1
Palm 4.9% 3.9% -1.0

Today comScore released its monthly smartphone mobile report, which shows again that the Android OS gains more and more points at the smartphone market, while RIM's BlackBerry and Apple's iOS continue to lose its positions. The report is based on the smartphone usage over a period between July and October of 2010, and shows that there 60.7 million people with smartphones in the USA, which is 14% more than three months before. According to comScore, every fourth mobile subscriber uses smartphone.

Other facts:

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iPad launched in Russia today with very limited stock


Yesterday, 9th November, the iPad was officially launched in Russia. Six models of the device are now available in three retail chains: M.Video, Bely Veter and re:Store. The iPad will be on sale only in five cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, and Kazan. There are only 3,000 to 4,000 iPads available in the country on launch. But by the end of the year Apple plans to ship forty to fifty thousand units to Russia. Prices range from 19,990 rubles (US$650) for the 16GB WiFi model to 32,990 rubles (US$1,075) for the 64GB WiFi+3G model. However, it seems that those Russians, who wanted to get the iPad in Russia, had already bought the one abroad or in the grey market, where price for the device reached 100,000 rubles, or US$3,256.


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010. 13:10

72% of iPad owners are very satisfied with their product


During October 2010 ChangeWave surveyed 3,108 consumers to understand the latest trends and demand on the PC and Netbook markets, including the impact of the iPad. Here are some interesting facts that were revealed by the research company:

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5.5 million iPhones were sold in the third quarter of 2010


Today Canalys released new data on US smartphones shipments which shows that Apple became the №1 smartphone vendor in the USA with its 26.2% share. Its main competitor is now Research In Motion with its 24.2% share.

But besides that Canalys also found that Google's Android mobile OS represented 43.6% of the market in the last quarter, which means it’s the best-selling operating system.

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Apple became the fourth global mobile phone vendor

market share

According to a new IDC report last quarter sales made Apple number four in the list of global mobile phone vendors. The first places are still occupied by Nokia, Samsung and LG Electronics respectively. Apple has been always perceived as a top smartphone vendor, but this is the first quarter when Apple really cracked the top-5 list of global mobile phone vendors.

It is the first time for 6 years when IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker has excluded Sony Ericsson from the top-5 list. The report reveals that over the last quarter the iPhone has appeared in 17 more countries, which can explain its explosive sales.

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Written by SimplyMax

Friday, October 29th, 2010. 21:55

iOS4 vs. WP7 in Browser Speed Test

This week developers started receiving Microsoft’s test units, which will allow them to test the performance of their apps for WP7 instead of using an emulator. The test smartphones are produced by Samsung and LG and have a Technical Preview version of Windows Phone 7, and guys at NewsGeek decided to compare its browser speed with iPhone 3GS' that runs on iOS 4.

Since the difference in speed is so huge it is noted that both of the phones used 3G network (not Wi-Fi) and iPhone 3GS is a completely finished product, while Samsung's test unit is a prototype with an unfinished OS that is still in development.

Newsgeek also found Internet Explorer in the Windows Phone 7 to be "surprisingly competent and quick" though it was mostly built off of IE7's desktop version.


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