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iPhone 2.2: Google Street View, Emoji, Auto-Correction Off

Apple released firmware version 2.2 beta 1 a bit more than a week ago. Couple more features were hiden there.

First of all Apple has addressed one common request within the iPhone's Keyboard settings, allowing users to disable the iPhone's auto-correction.

The other feature is for Japanese market - Japanese emoji icons. The lack of emoji support has been blamed as part of the reason for slow iPhone adoption in Japan.

The third new feature is Street View. It allows users to view panoramic street level photographs in select cities within the Google Maps application.

Hopefully we will see more new features in this and next beta's of 2.2 firmware.

via macrumors

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Firmware downloads (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Here are the direct download links for the latest iOS 9.x firmwares:

iOS 9.2:

iOS 9.1:

iOS 9.0.2:

iOS 9.0.1:

iOS 9:

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Jailbreak on firmware 2.2 beta 1

Firmware 2.2 beta 1 appeared just a day ago. It seems that DevTeam never sleeps :) They published a screenshot of jailbreaked iPhone 2G with this new firmware:

It runs Terminal.app (non-apple application) running on 2.2b1 firmware. Thay say that version 2.2 is still vulnerable to pwnage and quickpwn on everything but iPod Touch 2G.

No news about software unlock for iPhone 3G or jailbreak for iPod Touch 2G.


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Firmware 2.2 - new Safari interface

Apple just published firmware 2.2 beta 1 for developers. It is accompanied by a new beta of the iPhone SDK (build 9M2611). There are not much news about new features and improvements... but iphoneatlas already published a screenshot of new Safari interface, that is in firmware 2.2:

The new MobileSafari doesn't have the magnifying glass and refresh buttons at the top of the screen. There are the URL bar and search fields side-by-side instead. It looks much like the desktop version. Page refreshes are now accomplished via a tiny icon located inside the URL bar.

via iphoneatlas


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Written by admin

Friday, September 26th, 2008. 2:27

CopierciN - copy/paste for iPhone

CopierciN is a cool app that implements some copy / paste functionality. It’s in the beta stages but has potential. It lets you import and export between apps like notes, sms, email. Avaliable via Cydia Installer for 2.x firmares.

CopieriN is a basic text editor which, hopefully, bring some kind of copy/paste mechanism to iPhone (to jailbroken ones only, unfortunately). It does not add copy/paste functionality directly to other applications but it provides a mechanism to import text from and export text to SMS, Notes, Mail applications (more to come in the future) and files in the filesystem.

Usage: It basically has two parts: Text Editor and Importer/Exporter. Within the text editor, you can select a piece of text using your finger, cut or copy it, and paste it to a selected location.

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Written by admin

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008. 2:50

QuickPwn, PwnageTool and WinPwn

There are so many tools, some for Mac OS, others for Windows, different versions... Complicated. So let's summerize a little bit.

If you have iPhone 3G, you'll be able to install 3-rd party non AppStore applications (through separate applications called Cydia and Installer) and run these applications. If you have old iPhone, in addition to that you'll be able to unlock the device (use with any carrier).

There are two methods: quickpwn and custom firmware method. First one is for quikly pwning and jailbreaking  the device without restore. You should use it if you have unlocked device or an AT&T contract.

If you are Windows user:

  • Go for WinPwn. The current version is (also called 2.5 beta-2). Download here. It supports both iPhone and iPhone 3G, firmwares 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2. You can use either quickpwn or custom firmware method.
  • There is a separate QuickPwn tool for Windows. The current version is RC3. Download here. Do you need it? Yes, if you want to quick pwn and you do not like WinPwn (or you had problems with it).

If you're using Mac OS:

  • Go for PwnageTool. The current version is Download here. Works with 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2 firmwares using custom-firmware method.
  • There is a version of QuickPwn tool for MAC OS. The current version is 1.0.0. Download here. It works only with firmware 2.0.2. Do you need it? Yes, if you want to quick pwn.
    QuickPwn is not a replacement for PwnageTool, they are different tools and provide different features, QuickPwn is for quickly pwning a device, whereas PwnageTool is designed to custom build and tailor the ipsw production process, both tools will be actively developed in the future.


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    This is the most famous Windows-based utility to jailbreak and unlock Apple's iPhone and iTouch.

    Release notes:

    • The new nice interface
    • Very very very easy to use
    • QuickPwn Support for firmwares 2.0/2.0.1/2.0.2
    • Root partition resize support
    • Installer support
    • Basic / Expert modes
    • Wizard style interface
    • Automatic updater
    • Support for WinXP and Vista 32/64bit.


    • Why is it beta? It's just the saying.. Use at your own risk
    • You MUST do a full uninstall of winpwn before installing the new version
    • Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes (7.7 and above)

    Bug fixes

    • Crash when building ipsw
    • Quickpwn crash bug fix

    Download WinPwn Rapidshare.com


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    QuickPwn updated to 1.2.0


    QuickPwn for Windows is updated. Support for all 2.x firmwares is added. So now you can QuickPwn and jailbreak the device if it is running 2.0, 2.0.1 or 2.0.2.

    DevTeam reminds that it is still beta software, so usual rules apply, no complaints if anything goes wrong and use the tool at at your own risk!

    Download here!

    Using QuickPwn does not update the firmware itself, this tool is designed to ‘Pwn’ (the ability to install future custom non-Apple firmwares) , ‘Jailbreak’ and install Installer and/or Cydia on a given device. If your device is running 2.0.1 and you QuickPwn it, it’ll still be running 2.0.1, although it will now be Pwned and Jailbroken. It will also activate (not unlock) devices that are being used outside of their intended territories and cannot be activated using iTunes.

    If you want to update to 2.0.2 then use the normal iTunes update to get to 2.0.2 and then use QuickPwn to Pwn, Jailbreak and Activate, remember that the 2.0.2 update includes a baseband update for the 3G iPhone, so depending what your long term intentions are for the phone, update wisely, of course in the upcoming PwnageTool application you’ll be able to create a custom ipsw without the baseband update enabled.

    PS: Mac OS version is on it's way.


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    QuickPwn GUI Version


    This is a GUI version of QuickPwn for Windows.

    It is available for download here, but beware this is still beta software. It is fairly self explanatory and easy to use. You’ll still see a command-line window popping up when the actual QuickPwn process takes place, but the device and ipsw selection is handled by the GUI.


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    Written by admin

    Tuesday, August 19th, 2008. 16:48

    QuickPwn Beta


    DevTeam created a quick solution for jailbreaking an iPhone. It is called QuickPwn. It is in beta, so be careful. It will allow you to pwn (jailbreak) your device very quickly without restoring!

    Who should use this tool? This is for those that are not planning to restore. It’s not clear what the activation state is after the process therefore, I only recommend this for those that have a contract carrier or an unlocked phone already.

    If you are on a stock device and using AT&T or a contract carrier, this is the perfect jailbreak for you. You will not lose your contacts or have to do any backups. Finally, if you are going to restore anyway, especially if you need to unlock a 2g, you may as well use winpwn or such.

    Currently QuickPwn requires your device to be running version 2.0.1 of the iPhone/iPod firmware. And it runs only on Windows. This requirement will change in a subsequent release.

    You can download it here.


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    Installer 4.0b5 is out


    Installer 4.0 beta 5 is avaliable now.

    What's new:

    • Many visual enhancements and fixes in regards to source and packages display.
    • Fixed an issue with failing installs with dependencies under some circumstances.
    • Fixed a bug causing package information to be displayed incorrectly (size 0 bytes) on the first access, or when the custom information HTML page (such as packages from Big Boss' repository) was not displayed.
    • When updating a package, and one of its dependencies also has an update available, the dependency will be updated as well.
    • The package icons will only be downloaded when on the Wi-Fi to help you save on bandwidth.
    • The repositories are being refreshed upon Installer.app launch so you always stay on the bleeding edge with the updates. This is exeperimental behavior and we're not yet sure it will make it to the final release.
    • Fixed a script command Confirm that was returning invalid button index for the "OK" button.
    • Lots and lots of both cosmetic and internal application core fixes that improve the overall performance, presentation and stability of the application.

    Community Sources package is updated. It now includes a repository for modmyifone.com (lot's of stuff there) and iphone-notes.de (BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH), as well as numerous carrier bundles and other useful stuff.

    via RipDev


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    Written by admin

    Monday, August 18th, 2008. 13:54

    iPhone 2.1 beta 4 - no push notification feature


    Apple has just seeded iPhone 2.1 beta 4 to developers—uninteresting, really, except for the fact that the push notification service has been pulled from the release "for further development."

    Targeted to hit your iPhone in September, the push service allows apps to receive notifications (internet data) in the background while they're not running, a godsend for AIM and other messaging apps. Hopefully this doesn't mean it'll be delayed.


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    Written by admin

    Sunday, August 17th, 2008. 15:16

    Installer 4: repositories


    After WinPwn release users are able to try Insteller 4 beta. The repositary mechanism was changed and applcations should support new firmware (> 2.0), so old ones will not work. Here is the list of new repositaries:

    • Rip Dev - http://i.ripdev.com
    • Big Boss - http://apptapp.thebigboss.org/repofiles/installer4/
    • iSpazio - http://repo.neolinus.org/ispazio/
    • German - http://sendowski.de/iphone
    • gPda - http://gpda.ru/r
    • Andy Dam: http://repo.gafoogle.com/
    • Ste Packaging: http://repo.smxy.org/installer4
    • ModMyiFone.com: http://i.modmyifone.com/

    Just a reminder, Installer is in beta. So we adwise you to use Cydia.


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    Written by admin

    Monday, August 11th, 2008. 19:53

    iPhone 2.1 Beta 3


    iPhone OS 2.1 beta 3 is now available and is to be used for testing only. View the Pre-Installation Advisory for iPhone OS 2.1 beta 3, Readme, and Release Notes before installing the new versions of the iPhone OS and SDK. As a reminder, pre-release software is Confidential Information and is subject to the terms outlined in your Registered iPhone Developer Terms and Conditions with Apple.

    Again, there were 8 betas released for 2.0 between March and July. If Apple keeps this up, could we be looking at a September release for 2.1?

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    Written by admin

    Saturday, August 9th, 2008. 13:59

    PwnageTool 2.0.2 is avaliable


    PwnageTool 2.0.2 is out. It will support new firmware 2.0.1. It will jailbreak and unlock the old iPhone and jailbreak new iPhone 3G. Here are the download links:

    Installer 4 Beta is included, it is added in any mode by default.  The main installer package management interface within PwnageTool isn’t enabled yet, and will report that installer.app isn’t available, but the actual Installer.app package is added as a default option in both modes.

    The latest Cydia is also enabled by default. We recommend to use Cydia, not Installer.


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