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Opera Mini for iOS gets support for uploading files


The Opera Mini Web Browser for iOS has been updated with support for uploading files, more than 9 speed dials, and more.

Do you experience slow Internet browsing? Get the fastest, most cost-efficient web-browsing experience for your iOS device today.

Keep Opera Mini handy on your iOS device, especially for those unavoidable times you are on a slow crowded network, away from Wi-Fi or when data roaming. Opera's powerful servers compress data by up to 90% before downloading, so page loads are lightning fast.

Opera Mini’s great features include:
► Speed: Up to 6 times faster browsing, especially when on slower or crowded networks
► Data Savings: Compress up to 90% of data traffic
► Speed Dial: Get to your favorite Web sites with a single tap
► Visual Tabs: See all your open Web pages and quickly switch between them
► Opera Link: Synchronize your bookmarks and Speed Dial with a Desktop PC or other mobile phone

What's New in Version 7

Added support for more than 9 Speed Dials
Added support for platform dictionary
Added support for uploading files
Added zoom setting
Improved traffic compression on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
Fixed session restore not keeping tabs when relaunching
Updated to dark keyboard to match Opera UI
Various bug fixes

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Apple intern's thesis leaks secret project to port Mac OS X to ARM processors


In 2010, Tristan Schaap, who now serves as a Core OS engineer at Apple, published a Bachelor thesis on his 12-week stint as an intern with Apple's Platform Technologies Group, a subdivision of the Core OS department. The thesis revealed that the former Apple intern had been working on the secret project to port Mac OS X Snow Leopard to the ARM architecture.

According to the paper, Schaap worked with the group to get Darwin, the "lower half" of Apple's Mac OS X operating system, to boot onto an ARM processor from Marvell. During the course of the project, he achieved his goal of "booting into a multi-user prompt," though some issues still remained due to a "poor implementation on the debug hardware."

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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012. 16:46

Absinthe v0.4: jailbreak utility for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S is updated


The Chronic Dev-Team has released an update to its Absinthe jailbreak utility that brings support for Mac OS X 10.5 (Intel + PPC) and fixes several bugs.

@pimskeks announced the update:

#Absinthe 0.4 released greenpois0n.com/?p=173 - OSX 10.5 support (PPC+Intel). Re-jailbreaking not required. Changelog: pastebin.com/DdwGKstR

What's New in Absinthe v0.4:

  • Mac: added support for OSX 10.5, PPC and Intel CPU
  • added consistency check on startup to make sure required files are in place
  • Windows: fixed bug in payload generator that might cause a crash

You can download Absinthe for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from here.

Here are our step-by-step tutorials:


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Photos of Debug Software Show Alleged Details of iPad 3 with Quad-Core A6 and LTE


BGR reports that it has managed to obtain from its source photos of what are claimed to be screenshots from Apple's iBoot development and debugging software for the bootrom showing details on an iPad 3. The photos showing references to the known "J1" and "iPad3,1" code names indicate that the next-generation tablet will indeed be using a new application processor carrying an S5L8945X identifier, presumably as part of a new A6 system-on-a-chip.

For starters, the model numbers are J1 and J2 (iPad3,1 and iPad3,2), and while DigiTimes reported this a few weeks ago, these two models are not different devices, just a single iPad available in two versions — one with Wi-Fi only and one with Wi-Fi and embedded GSM/CDMA/LTE for all carriers. Also included in the photos is, for the first time, confirmation of which processor Apple will be using in the iPad 3: an A6 processor with model number S5L8945X. For reference, the Apple A4 model was S5L8930X and the A5 is S5L8940X.

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Update to Corona untethered jailbreak released


New version of Corona Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 has been released in Cydia. Corona v1.0-8 features recent iBooks fix from planetbeing (the one that was recently released in redsn0w 0.9.10b5).

Saurik tweeted that all users jailbroken on iOS 5.0.1 should install the update. UPDATE: This doesn't apply to "old bootrom" iPhone 3GS users.

@planetbeing put a lot of work into solving iBooks image loading bugs. All users (however jailbroken) on 5.0.1 should install.

So, most of the feedback I have received from "all users (however jailbroken) running 5.0.1" has been "even me? I did X.": yes, even you. ;P

You can find the Corona package in the System section of Cydia.


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Absinthe Jailbreak Utility Updated to v0.3, Released for Linux


The Chronic Dev-Team has released an update to their Absinthe jailbreak utility for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. So users who failed to jailbreak can try with new version Absinthe 0.3. Chronic Dev-Team also released a version for Linux users.

@pimskeks announced the release over Twitter:

Linux version (x86/x86_64) of #Absinthe #A5 #jailbreak is done!

Also version 0.3 of #Absinthe #A5 #jailbreak is available for OSX and Windows. Nothing really new, so no need to re-apply :-)

#Absinthe 0.3 only has some cosmetic changes, and a potential bug fix for win32 (only really few people seem affected)

You can download Absinthe for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from here.

Here are our step-by-step tutorials:


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Jailbreak for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S: latest news, updates and FAQ


The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak utilities are undergoing testing and polishing before the public release. According to 'Dream Team' member planetbeing:

We're testing & fixing problems with the jb app (that @pimskeks finished the majority of at incredible speed). Still needs to be polished.

P0sixninja also tweeted it should not be much longer before the jailbreak gets released.

not much longer now

We hope to see the utilities soon, because more than a week ago there were tweetes that jailbreak should have been ready in few days.

iPhone Dev Team has posted a blog entry about upcoming public release. If you have iPad 2 or iPhone 4S go ahead and read it:

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Facebook Is Planning To Launch iPad App Update With Timeline Feature In Late January

Recently Facebook introduced a new functionality for profiles called Timeline, which, as shown on the company’s promotional video above, places all you interactions, photos, status updates and more on a timeline starting from the opening of your Facebook account.

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iOS 5 untethered jailbreak will be released a bit later

Untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 has already been released. While there is no reason not to update to iOS 5.0.1, there might be some users who would like to stay on iOS 5 and have untethered jailbreak there too.

Famous hacker Joshua Hill (nickname p0sixninja) has recently posted via twitter that an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 will be released soon after testing.

@p0sixninja: 5.0 untether will be coming soon, we still have some testing and bugs to work out



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How to run Firebug on iPhone and iPad


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Written by admin

Monday, December 5th, 2011. 8:57

Apple rumored to issue iOS 5.0.2 for battery woes, iOS 5.1 with Siri additions


German site Macerkopf reports that Apple is working on two software updates for iOS 5 to fix battery issues and to add new features to Apple’s voice recognition assistant Siri. Macerkopf tells us:

iOS 5.0.2 coming very soon, solving the battery bugs. Should arrive before the end of next week. Apple is working hard on the update. In addition Apple is working on the first big iOS 5 Update (iOS 5.1), bringing some Siri-extensions. Also the Siri hardware-control is in work "take a picture", "make a video", "switch on/off WiFi", "switch on/off BT" and more.

The new update will be iOS 5.0.2 and is expected to be released next week to address continued battery life issues even after last week's release of iOS 5.0.1 that was also targeted at solving battery issues. But there are still no signs of developer testing for an iOS 5.0.2. The other update Apple is working on to improve Siri functionality on the iPhone 4S will be probably dubbed iOS 5.1. The update seems to be released earlier next year. Apple may add new languages and expansion of maps and local search to new countries in the update.


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Jailbreakers and unlockers: don't update to iOS 5.0.1


Apple has recently released iOS 5.0.1. It is still tethered jailbreakable. However if you want untethered jailbreak or unlock - you should stay away from 5.0.1

Earlier this week pod2g reported that a code signing bug found in iOS 5.0 will make it easier for hackers to develop a full jailbreak for iOS 5 firmware version. That bug might have been closed in iOS 5.0.1. UPDATE: According to pod2g the bug is still present, but harder to exploit because another exploit found by Charlie Miller is fixed in iOS 5.0.1.

Also, MuscleNerd via twitter has warned iOS users that there is no downgrade from iOS 5.0.1 to iOS 5.0 yet and he recommends to wait until downgrade mechanism is available.

Jailbreakers and unlockers should avoid today's 5.0.1 until a flow for downgrading to 5.0 is developed.

Downgrade flow needs to be modified for AP "nonce" http://is.gd/b3G0io ... saved SHSH blobs are not enough to downgrade to 5.0


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Apple Releases iOS 5.0.1 to Address Battery Life Issues


Yesterday Apple released the promised update of the iOS 5.0. The iOS 5.0.1 should fix battery life issues found on devices upgraded to the iOS 5, as well as on new iPhone 4S. Apple publicly said the battery life bugs affected a small number of users. In addition to addressing battery life issues, the update also brings new multi-touch gestures for the first-generation iPad.

This update contains improvements and other bug fixes including:

  • Fixes bugs affecting battery life
  • Adds Multitasking Gestures for original iPad
  • Resolves bugs with Documents in the Cloud
  • Improves voice recognition for Australian users using dictation

The update also includes security improvements, as well as a new way for developers to specify files that should remain on a device even in low storage situations.

iOS 5.0.1 is available for iPhone (4S, 4, and 3GS), iPod touch (third- and fourth-generation), and all iPad models. The update is now available to all users through iTunes, and will be soon available as an over-the-air update.

Direct links for downloads:


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Work on iOS 5 Battery Issues Continues with Customer Testing, Internal Support Notices


Last week, Apple confirmed that some users indeed experienced problems with battery life on their devices with the iOS 5. The company said that the issue was caused by some bugs in the operating system and now Apple is working on update that will solve the problem. The iOS 5.0.1 seems to be in developing testing already and Apples intends to expand its testing, asking customers, who have experienced problems with their devices, to participate in testing.

Apple invites you to participate in a software seeding project. We have selected you, based on a referral from AppleCare for participation in our program, to assist us in testing an upcoming iOS 5 Software Update. Please follow the directions below to complete the invitation process.

Apple also asked retail store staff to recommend customers to wait for “a few weeks” until the update will be released, not offering replacement handsets for battery life issues.

A small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on iOS 5 devices. If you are helping one of those customers, follow standard procedure to rule out any hardware issues with the device. If no hardware issues are found, let the customer know that Apple has found a few bugs in iOS 5 affecting battery life and Apple will release a software update to address those in a few weeks.


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011. 16:28

Apple confirms no current plans to bring Siri to older devices


Appleinsider obtained an email that was reportedly a bug report where the company confirmed that it currently has "no plans" to support its Siri personal assistant feature on older devices and would keep Siri as the iPhone 4S exclusive feature. Some analysts view Siri as the main selling point of the newest iPhone, so it would be quite irrational to provide support for Siri on older devices in first months of iPhone 4S sales.

"Engineering has provided the following feedback regarding this issue: Siri only works with iPhone 4S and we currently have no plans to support older devices," the email read.

But it is not surprisingly, when Apple introduced Siri last month, the company made it clear that the feature was exclusive to the iPhone 4S alone. There were some speculations that Siri might require faster processor implemented in the iPhone 4S, but a hack we reported about denied that fact and show that Siri works on the iPhone 4 also quite well.


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011. 13:07