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How much is unlocked iPhone 4S?


There is still no information on unlocked iPhone 4S availability in the US. However there are some news from Europe. According to Apple, in France you will be able to buy unlocked iPhone 4S 16GB for 629 EUR (~$836). You can get tax free if you don't live in Europe, so the price would be around 550 EUR (~$732).

Unlocked iPhone 4 16GB will cost 519 EUR ($690), which is ~455 EUR (~$605) after tax free. The cheapest unlocked iPhone 3GS 8GB is just 369 EUR (~$490), which is ~320 EUR (~$426) after tax free.

UPDATE: Unlocked iPhone 4S will be available in November


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Apple Asking Developers to Submit iOS 5 Apps Ahead of October 12th Release

ios5 apps

Yesterday Apple announced that iOS 5 would be released on October 12th and seeded the Golden Master copy of the new software to iOS developers. And now the company is asking their developers to start submitting iOS 5 applications for the App Store ahead of official release of the software.

This gives developers a chance to test better their applications and make necessary improvements before the final shipping of iOS 5 version of the applications. Noteworthy, Apple has already been approving many iOS 5 applications.

iOS 5 is promised to deliver over 200 new features and will be compatible with  the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad, and the 3rd and 4th generation iPod touches.


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Apple drops iPhone prices: 3GS 8GB free, iPhone 4 now $99


The prices are just like on an image above. iPhone 3GS 8GB is free and iPhone 4 8GB is just $99 - with contract. And yes, according to the Apple Store in the US both iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are available with Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.

Unlocked iPhone 4 8GB GSM costs $549 in the US.

There is no information yet about unlocked iPhone 4S availability and prices.


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Apple's 'Let's Talk iPhone' Keynote Live Blog!

2:39PM We're off to get hands-on, and we'll be broadcasting again soon. Thanks for joining the fun!

2:38PM Sorry folks, no iPhone 5... yet....

2:38PM Wow, that's it!


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Expected iPhone 4S prices, launch date is October 14th


9to5mac has got pricing for the iPhone 4S (N94) that Apple is announcing today. According to their source, the price of the unlocked iPhone 4S 64GB will replace the price of the current iPhone 4 32GB. In addition, the price of the new iPhone 4S 32GB will replace the price of the current iPhone 4 16GB.

It’s highly likely that the prices will be as follows (with contract): iPhone 4S 64GB - $299, 32GB - $199, 16GB will drop down to $99 in the United States. The iPhone 4 8GB (N90A) will most likely cost $49, which will replace the current $49 iPhone 3GS price point. As for iPhone 3GS there are rumors that it will be free with contract.

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Apple to Offer iPhone 3GS Free on Contract


Some analysts predict that Apple could keep its iPhone 3GS longer than predicted. The company might, probably, offer their handset for free on contract. As far as we know, the two-year old iPhone 3GS still remains the second best-selling smartphone in the United States of America. The first place belongs to the iPhone 4. Such situation only confirms suggestions that cost of a device is the key factor in customers' purchasing decisions.

Yesterday Mike Abramsky, analyst at RBC Capital Markets, issued a new research note where he told us about his expectations for the today’s iPhone event. Many of his predictions are in line with recent rumors we’ve heard -  HSPA+ iPhone 4S or 5 based on an A5 chip – he also believes that Apple keeps offering iPhone 3GS alongside the new smartphone(s).

We expect Apple to reduce the price of the prior iPhone 4 to $99 subsidized ($499 unsubsidized) and the iPhone 3GS to $0 subsidized ($399 unsubsidized, see 11/06/29 note for more detail and rationale); the prior iPhone 4 may be available only with 8GB memory.


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Cheaper iPhone 4 'N90A' Photos Leak from Foxconn Factory


Gismodo has managed to obtain images of the iPhone “N90A” model, manufactured by Foxconn's Brazilian factory. The new device is expected to be introduced next week. The N90A model is the low-end iPhone 4 model. As far as you know, the current-generation iPhone 4 has the N90 codename. So the rumors say that the changes will be minor. These images are not something really surprising, we have already seen images of that device, but these very shots prove that Foxconn has already started production of new iPhones in Brazil.  The cheaper iPhone will replace the iPhone 3GS in the low end. The higher end iPhone is rumored to be called the iPhone 4S. The below image demonstrates the model number ("N90A") in the top left and tells that it didn't pass inspection.



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iPhone 5 prototype photos and videos


Giga.de has produced a physical prototype mockup of the future iPhone 5. They made it look like in the latest rumors. Everything is done from a solid block of aluminum.

A 3D computer model was created based on leaked CAD designs, hardware components, several leaked hints, cases and other believable mockups. This model was then used to build a very detailed, true prototype iPhone 5, that you can actually hold and feel in your hands.

This prototype width and height are 59.94 mm and 109.98 mm, compared to 115.2 mm x 58.6 mm dimentions of iPhone 4. The prototype is also a bit thinner than its predecessor. Teardrop style with a thickness of 6.86 mm at the top and only 5.33 mm at the bottom.

Here are photos of iPhone 5 Design Prototype compared to iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4:

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Skype Released Updates For Its Native iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Apps

Today Skype updated its app for iPad as well as version for iPhone and iPod touch. Now the Skype app for iPad has Bluetooth connectivity on iPad 2 and a bugfix for security problems. Also the app can operate both on iPad and iPad 2. The program for iPhone/iPod touch also supports Bluetooth on the fourth-gen iPod touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4.

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What firmwares are supported by JailbreakMe utility?

We are receiving more and more questions about JailbreakMe supporting particular iOS version and device. Here is a useful table that shows which firmwares can be jailbroken by JailbreakMe and which are not supported. Take a look:

Device JailbreakMe firmware support.
4.2.6 4.2.7 4.2.8 4.3 4.3.1 4.3.2 4.3.3 4.3.4 4.3.5
iPad N/A Yes No No
iPad 2 N/A No Yes No No
iPhone 3GS N/A Yes No No
iPhone 4 (GSM) N/A Yes No No
iPhone 4 (CDMA) Yes N/A
iPod touch 3G N/A Yes No Yes No No
iPod touch 4G N/A Yes No No

Here our step by step JailbreakMe tutorials:

Other jailbreak tutorials including iOS 4.3.5 jailbreak can be found here.


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RedSn0w 0.9.9b1: Major Update to Jailbreak Utility

redsn0w-099b1 redsn0w-099b1-extra

MuscleNerd has announced via Twitter that jailbreak utility RedSn0w 0.9.9b1 is released with major update and numerous new features:

Major improvements and features added to redsn0w 0.9.9b1! See update #9 at http://is.gd/6eek4Y Feedback: @redsn0w_testers

Indeed the list of new features is quite high. There are two main ones:

  • There is no need to download firmware any more. There is no need to push Browse IPWS button any more (but you still can).
  • Developers added lots of functionality to work with SHSH keys (extract, submit, download, verify, stitch etc)

However this new version does not bring features like untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.5 or iOS 5.

Due to some possible bugs we still recommend to use the old RedSn0w 0.9.8b7b, but the new 0.9.9b1 is worth seeing and playing with.

Here are links to our RedSn0w 0.9.8b7b iOS 4.3.5 jailbreak tutorials:

You can download RedSn0w 0.9.9b1 here:

Here is the full list of features from DevTeam:

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There will be an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak


Hackers from the Chronic Dev Team recently announced that they have found 5 userland exploits in iOS 5. To us this means that it is very likely that an untethered jailbreak will be available for the upcoming firmware release.

P0sixninja made the announcement at MyGreatFest jailbreak conference held in London, England.

While this is a "record breaking number of exploits found", userland exploits can be easily fixed via a minor software update. The exploits are kept in secret, so hopefully Apple won't fix them before the expected iOS 5 launch next month.

The jailbreak is expected for all devices, including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch and even future iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.


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AppleCare Prepping for October 10th Launch of iOS 5


Apple's customer service call centers - AppleCare has reported AppleInsider that the company expects that a large influx  of iOS-related support calls beginning Monday, October 10th, suggesting that Apple may release the iOS 5 on this date.

For instance, one person familiar with the matter said his local AppleCare call center has been told to expect an eightfold increase in customer calls on that day, and that staff are being advised ahead of time for the increased traffic.

The person could not say with any certainty what will be released on that Monday, but noted that the increase in call volume is related to iOS. This led them to speculate that Apple could release iOS 5 and iCloud on Oct. 10.

Apple always releases its major iOS updates a couple of days ahead of the new hardware release. For example, the iPhone OS 3.0 was released on June 17th, 2009 while the iPhone 3GS was released on June 19th, 2009; last year iOS 4.0 was released on June 21st following the iPhone 4 release on June 24th. So, we may expect release of new iPhone 5 after October 10th. Moreover, there are lots of rumors suggesting that Apple is planning to announce its next-gen iPhone in mid-October.


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Apple Sending iOS 5 to iPhone Assemblers at End of September


Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple plans to send the golden master version of iOS 5 to its iPhone and iPod touch assembling partners during the period of September 23rd through 30th. So the new hardware could be launched around mid-October. That means that the assemblers will have time to install software on already produced new iPhones. But the analyst claims that design of the iPhone 5 would not be changed and Apple planes to ship 30 million units through the end of the year alongside production of an additional 5 million units of the existing iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS models

While many have been holding out for a significantly redesigned iPhone 5 offering a thinner, tapered profile as shown in third-party cases supposedly based on leaked design documents, essentially no evidence for such a model has surfaced in the form of parts leaks or other details. While some have suggested that the N94 is a decoy/scrapped/backup model and that Apple is keeping the redesigned model under tighter wraps, Kuo is not seeing signs of such a model anywhere in Apple's supply chain.


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Step-by-step Tutorial: How to Tether Jailbreak iPod 4G Using RedSn0w 0.9.8b7b (Mac OS) [iOS 4.3.5]


This is step-by-step instructions on how to perform tethered jailbreak of your iPod 4G on iOS 4.3.5 firmware using RedSn0w 0.9.8b7b for Mac OS.

Tethered jailbreak means that each time you restart your device you will need to connect it to a computer and run redsn0w.

If you have other device, here are links to our RedSn0w 0.9.8b7b iOS 4.3.5 jailbreak tutorials:

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